Introduction: Stuffed Chicken Breast

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Here is a quick, easy and impressive date night recipe.

Step 1: Stuffed Chicken Breast

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1 thick chicken breast

fresh baby spinach

sliced red onion

2 slices swiss cheese

diced garlic

Step 2:

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Take the chicken breast and make a cut length wise in he breast. Don't cut all the way stop about an inch from the edge. Stuff the breast with spinach, sliced onion and two slices of cheese. Stuff well but not too much. Rub top of breast with the garlic and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or till done.

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What makes this recipe great for date night is it is so easy to make and yet looks very impressive and delicious. With red and green colors and cheese dripping out of the breast, looks great sitting on the plate with a salad or other side. Thanks and enjoy.


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