Step 3: Prepare Your Stuffing

Place your stuffing ingredients on each slice of bread, making sure to spread them out evenly. Also make sure that it you have anything hard (nuts or fresh fruit) you don't put it right up to the edge. It will seal better with a small border of cheese.

If you are using a thick slice, put your stuffing ingredients in the pocket.
nice, here's mine <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Hawaian-Banana-French-Toast/
I'm really tired of cooking the same old stuff for breakfast every morning. Gave it a try and kids actually liked it. I will repeat effort. Thanks.
I made these for my wifes birthday breakfast. She loved it so much and I owe you the thanks! I used strawberry jam/cream cheese and fresh strawberries on the side. We will be making these many times to come I am sure. Again, Thanks!
You're welcome. I am glad she liked it =)<br/>
I make stuffed pancakes. Make the panckaes as usual, put stuffing on one of them then put it back on the grill and pour more batter on to it : ) .
OMG I JUST ATE ONE its sooooooooo delicious!! it tastes sooooooooo wonderful when you bite into cream sheese with real strawberries, topped with homemade strawberrry preserves. OHMYGOODNESS i love this! +5 for you, really great
I'm glad you liked it!
im serious! it was the most delicious frenchtoast i ever had!
hmm. i thought i posted a comment a LONG time ago. well this looks delicious and im having it for breakfast today. its 8:44 am
this reminds me of a highly modded monte cristo. lots of options here. good post.
Wow! Iv never even heard of "Stuffed French Toast", us Brits are way behind! Definitely gonna give this a try! mmm, cinnamon and banana filling, awesome!
Wow looks great, Maybe peaches with sauce to go on top...
looks delish!!!! im gonna try it asap cos i bought a loaf of bread last night and it expires in 3 days :(

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