Step 7: Dip Your Bread

Dip your bread into the bread mixture one at a time. You want to let the excess egg drip off the bread, and then place it right onto the skillet/griddle/panini press. You want to do it quickly so that the egg doesn't get anywhere and so that all your peices cook at the same time
nice, here's mine <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Hawaian-Banana-French-Toast/
I'm really tired of cooking the same old stuff for breakfast every morning. Gave it a try and kids actually liked it. I will repeat effort. Thanks.
I made these for my wifes birthday breakfast. She loved it so much and I owe you the thanks! I used strawberry jam/cream cheese and fresh strawberries on the side. We will be making these many times to come I am sure. Again, Thanks!
You're welcome. I am glad she liked it =)<br/>
I make stuffed pancakes. Make the panckaes as usual, put stuffing on one of them then put it back on the grill and pour more batter on to it : ) .
OMG I JUST ATE ONE its sooooooooo delicious!! it tastes sooooooooo wonderful when you bite into cream sheese with real strawberries, topped with homemade strawberrry preserves. OHMYGOODNESS i love this! +5 for you, really great
I'm glad you liked it!
im serious! it was the most delicious frenchtoast i ever had!
hmm. i thought i posted a comment a LONG time ago. well this looks delicious and im having it for breakfast today. its 8:44 am
this reminds me of a highly modded monte cristo. lots of options here. good post.
Wow! Iv never even heard of "Stuffed French Toast", us Brits are way behind! Definitely gonna give this a try! mmm, cinnamon and banana filling, awesome!
Wow looks great, Maybe peaches with sauce to go on top...
looks delish!!!! im gonna try it asap cos i bought a loaf of bread last night and it expires in 3 days :(

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