This is my Nan's recipe for Stuffed Hearts. I was taught how to make these by my Mum who in turn was taught by Nan. My Nan was a Live-in servant  and cook for Jewish families during the late 1920's. She married Granddad in 1931. He was a widower with 4 children. My nan had 8 further children and so there were 12 kids by the mid 50's. If anyone knew about household economy it was her. This recipie is good for feeding people in a low cost way.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Lambs Hearts (Bought from your local butcher)
A packet of Paxo, dried stuffing mix.
Oil. I'm using Frylight.
This was previously used on my blog: The kitchen front on blogspot. Unfortunately I have lost the individual images. I'm planning on posting other recipe experiments up, so I will make sure the stages are photographed individually from now on. I will be looking into making an apricot, lamb, coriander and almond stuffing shortly.
I would love to see all of those pictures in Step 2 shared individually. I like the collage a lot, but it would be much easier to understand what's happening in them if they were each full size!
Interesting recipe. I didn't know you could eat sheep's heart. It's nice to have meals you can feed to lots of people for a low price!

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