The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was wildly popular through its run in the papers. Like most people, I've always been a fan, and now my kids are as well. This year for Christmas, I thought a stuffed Hobbes doll would make a great gift for one of my sons.

The artist of the strip, Bill Watterson, refused to allow his characters to be licensed and capitalize on their popularity, feeling that doing so would undermine the integrity of the strip. Despite obvious interest, Calvin and Hobbes merchandise was never available. 

Since you can't buy a Hobbes doll, I figured I'd make my own. For anyone interested in duplicating this Hobbes doll, I'm sharing the pattern I came up with for free. It is for personal, non-commercial use only.

My son loves his Hobbes and has been happily dragging him around for weeks. Thanks for taking a look at this. If you make one, please post a photo in the comments.

Update! If you need a great costume to make for your kid to go along with this Hobbes doll, check out my Stupendous Man costume instructable! It's easy and your Hobbes-totin' kid will love it.
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Step 1: Pattern

Picture of Pattern

I spent a while digging through my Calvin and Hobbes books studying the Hobbes character when he was in the stuffed-toy form.

Early versions of Hobbes were very cartoony, and things like the shape of the nose and the number and placement of stripes were not always consistent. His proportions also appear to have changed slightly over the years. Later versions were crisp, clean and very consistent in the features. I based my Hobbes doll off of pictures that appear in the later strips.

To create the pattern, I broke the doll down into separate basic shapes. After some trial and error, I had a pattern that yielded all the needed body parts that fit together to my liking.

This pattern requires creating and stuffing all of the different body parts separately, hand stitching them all in place, and then hand stitching all of the stripes in place individually.

If that wasn't completely clear, this project requires a ton of hand stitching. You've been warned!

Begin by printing out my homemade Hobbes pattern, preferably on stiff paper like card stock.

You will need about 1/3 yard of orange fleece, some little bits of black, and a couple small pieces of white. You will also need some polyester stuffing, poly stuffing beads if you want, two black 3/4" plastic buttons, and some thin black cording or yarn.

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seamster (author) 1 year ago
For anyone having trouble finding the link to the pattern, here it is:

seamster's Stuffed Hobbes Pattern

I made for a friend, he loved. Here in Brazil we called Haroldo!!! Thanks for this great project

seamster (author)  raquel.godoy.853 days ago
Excellent! Thank you for sharing a photo of your Haroldo!

Ele parece perfeito!
laju13 days ago

Here is our version, thanks a million for the pattern and the instructions!

peter & laura from hungary

seamster (author)  laju13 days ago

Very nice! Thanks for sharing your photo with me!

kaez made it!13 days ago

First stuffed toy and I'm glad it was Hobbes. Made it for my son for Halloween. Thanks for the pattern!

seamster (author)  kaez13 days ago

Completely my pleasure!

Very nicely done on your Hobbes; it looks like he turned out excellently. Glad you found the pattern and were able to make one!

Guarnieri22 days ago

Dear Seamster

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the Hobbes's paterns.

We are from Brazil and in my home everybody loves the Calvin and Hobbes(Known here as Haroldo)strips.

Next week my first son will born and I decided to make his firts gift.

Thanks to your perfect job, I could make a Hobbes for him.

Best Regards

Fabio Guarnieri from Brazil

foto (30).JPG
seamster (author)  Guarnieri22 days ago

Ah, it's my pleasure! Your Haroldo looks great. Thank you for sharing a photo of him!

Guarnieri made it!22 days ago

Dear Seamster

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the Hobbes's paterns.

We are from Brazil and in my home everybody loves the Calvin and Hobbes(Known here as Haroldo)strips.

Next week my first son will born and I decided to make his firts gift.

Thanks to your perfect job, I could make a Hobbes for him.

Best Regards

Fabio Guarnieri from Brazil

foto (30).JPG
pipefiddle26 days ago

I made him for my son's Halloween costume. Turned out great. Thanks for the pattern.1

seamster (author)  pipefiddle26 days ago

Very nice! Glad you were able to make one!

About how long would this take to make? Could it be a one-day build?

seamster (author)  RadioactiveBees26 days ago

I don't think so. The hand stitching starts to get really tedious, so you might want to break this into several days.

I'm not going to make one yet -however much I want to get the materials,but I went out yesterday for some different kits :(- but I'm using the arm and leg technique for my custom cat. I remember reading another comment on here about wanting a Calvin doll,and I think I could do that,although not too soon;my other projects will be in the way
whispergrrl1 month ago

Wow! It would take me a year to make that many. I made a creepy looking bunny for my daughter (hand sewn) and it took me an entire day to make...and it was just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together and stuffed, with ears added at the end. I found this pattern when looking for a hobbes stuffed animal to buy for my daughter. I don't have the patience or time to attack this pattern, unfortunately, but if anyone would be willing to sell me one they've made, that would be awesome! If so, please feel free to contact me!

I have one you can buy $60.00 + shipping (whatever that turns out to be) .

seamster (author)  whispergrrl1 month ago

I will make you one for $1000.

Seriously. :D

*laughs* Thanks, seamster.....but I think I'll have to pass on that offer!

seamster (author)  whispergrrl1 month ago

Aw, darn. :)

mikieat1001 month ago

I can't stop's an invasion eep ! :)

seamster (author)  mikieat1001 month ago

The duplicator must be on the fritz again!

Excellent job, I can't believe you made six of them. Wow!


I bought too much material and I guess I have too much time on my hands,lol.

MeganO1 made it!1 month ago

Thank you for the simple, step-by-step instructions. I'd never made a doll of any sort before, but was driven to make a Hobbes for a Hobbes-crazy child. I improvised a little, and (if ever a next time) would follow your stripe pattern more carefully -- but the outcome was a big hit. Thank you again!

seamster (author)  MeganO11 month ago

Excellent! I'm glad you were able to make one. The fuzzy cheeks look great!

Thanks for sharing your photo with me. It means a lot!

Skbewls1 month ago
My son asked if I would make Hobbes for his Halloween costume. I told him find my a pattern and I will. Thank you for posting! Hobbes is ready for his first college party!!
emy.osborne1 month ago

Our son (10) loves Calvin and Hobbes as much as we do. He's read the entire collection and was so excited to find your instructions on how to make a Hobbes. Thank you. Now on to the Stupendous Man cape and cowl for Halloween! All he needs now is a tunafish sandwich. :)

seamster (author)  emy.osborne1 month ago
Excellent! I'm glad you found the pattern and were able to make a Hobbes for your son. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
albie.cruz76 made it!1 month ago

Thanks to Seamster, now my little baby, expected in January, will have a friend to cherish and have great adventures together.

Not bad for a first attempt at hand sewing. Worth it!

seamster (author)  albie.cruz761 month ago

Very nice! Glad you found this and were able to make one! You child will love this Hobbes!

hegure_ryu1 month ago

I love Calvin and Hobbes! It was one of my favorites growing up, and still is.

seamster (author)  hegure_ryu1 month ago

Me too! Now my kids enjoy it along with me. Fun times!

You've got some great projects, and it appears we have similar tastes in entertainment. I actually almost ran into one of those Studio C guys in my local Home Depot the other day. I was tempted to yell "Shoulder Angel!" but I refrained and let the man do his shopping in peace.

McKenzieH1 made it!1 month ago

Dear Seamster,

Well it all started with the gift I received from my husband for my 29th birthday a few months back (Last photos) And then I found your pattern. And... Well you can see the results! Haven't embroidered the rest of his face yet, but I'm also already out of both stuffing and black fleece. Love it.

Thank you so much for making this incredible pattern! I quickly realized that not only will my future kids need one of these, but so does my god-daughter, my siblings future children, my best friend's future children.... Happy to see I'm not the only person who has transmogrified/replicated your pattern.

Scientific progress goes BOiNK!

My husband would think I am crazy if he didn't think that these are so flipping fantastic!

Thank you thank you thank you... :)

seamster (author)  McKenzieH11 month ago

These look excellent! Thank you for sharing the photos. Glad to see people are still finding this pattern and using it. Share the Hobbes-love, I say!

SWV17871 month ago
I didn't have enough scrap fabric left from making winter hats to make mine according to the original patterns so I scaled it down to half size. This made it too small to machine sew on my old clunker, so I hand sewed the entire thing.
14, 8:31 PM.jpg14, 8:31 PM.jpg14, 8:31 PM.jpg
seamster (author)  SWV17871 month ago

Wow! Nicely done. Thanks for the photos.

I'm glad you were able to make one!

llindsay2 made it!1 month ago

I'm giving it to my son for his birthday in November. He already loves it!

punkinann1 month ago

Love this! Wonder if there's any way to modify the arms/legs attachments so the arms and legs fall forward instead of to the side?

seamster (author)  punkinann1 month ago

That's one thing about this that I wasn't happy about. And I think you may be the first person to point it out!

With less stuffing and better positioning when they are sewn on, the arms and legs could be put in a more cartoon-accurate position. If I ever make another Hobbes, that is one thing I would try to do a little better.

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