Step 13: Stripes

The two bottom-most stripes on the both the arms and legs, and the five stripes on the tail are all made from 3/4" strips of fleece.

The upper-most stripes on the legs were made from strips that were about 1/2" wide.

All other stripes were custom made as I went along, but I've included them in the PDF pattern. (You're welcome!)

Hand stitching on all of the stripes is a tedious process, but it's rewarding each time you see a newly completed stripe and you're one step closer to a completed Hobbes.

In the pattern, I've numbered and labled all the stripes to help you know where to put them. Note that the first stripe below the neck stripe is number 1 in the pattern, and so on down his back. Note that depending on the placement of your arms and legs, you may need to make adjustments to the size and shape of the back stripes, mainly numbers 1, 2, and 6.

The tail is the one piece of the body I left off until the very end. It was easier to sew the stripes onto it first, and then attach it to the body after.

Take a close look at all of the photos for placement of the stripes. 

About how long would this take to make? Could it be a one-day build?

txdawood1 year ago


I'd like to make this. Thank you for sharing your pattern. It looks very professional and I think the final product would make a great gift. I have one question though. Is it okay to sew the stripes onto the back before stuffing it? I think it would be easier on me. I am okay with the sewing machine but not that great with a needle and thread. Thanks!

seamster (author)  txdawood1 year ago
I tried it that way and wasn't happy with how it turned out, hence all the hand stitching.

But you can certainly do it that way, and you may quite possibly get better results than I did. Glad you're making one. Let me know how it goes!
eemav993 years ago
For some reason it won't let me download the pdf is there anyyy possible way that maybe you could somehow email it to me? I absolutely love your design and it's the only one I've found that sort've works. I would be soooo appreciative. Thank you!
seamster (author)  eemav993 years ago
Hi, I added another link to the pattern directly in the text of step one. If you're still having problems opening it, make sure you have the latest version of adobe reader installed on your computer. Be sure to post a photo when you're done with your own hobbes doll!
z0rz3 years ago
You make my day.
I always like to find different and unique gifts to my GF.
She loves Calvin and Hobbes.
I was looking for something like this all day
All that i can say it Thank you so much.
You rocks xD

You deserves a BIG hug for this Post xD
Thanks again ^^
jennybean42 made it!3 years ago
I just finished mine today! And I think i'm going to make another one!
PeoplesCar3 years ago
EPIC ... though I'll admit, I'm a little lazy so I probably would have machine-attached the stripes to the body pattern pieces before assembly & stuffing. If I can get the motivation to drag my sewing machine out, I'll transmogrify one of these for a friend's birthday who is a huge C&H fan.