Step 3: Arms and Legs

Sew the white ends onto each arm and leg piece as shown in the photos.

I tested out sewing some stripes onto a practice arm (at the point shown in the third photo), but I didn't like the way the machine-stitched stripes looked on the completed arm. I decided to complete the entire Hobbes doll without stripes and sew them all on by hand at the end. This proved incredibly tedious, but allowed for very precise sizing and placement of stripes, which I appreciated.

Please examine the last three photos carefully if you have any questions on how the rounded ends of the arms and legs are accomplished.

Turn the arms and legs right side out, and fill with stuffing. Do not sew them shut at this point.
agarcia333 years ago
Im confused, I cut out 4 of the rectangular, am I suppose to cut out 8 for it? and the arm and leg ends, am I suppose to cut 8 or 4 large ones?
seamster (author)  agarcia333 years ago
You only cut out four pieces of fabric for each pattern piece. Before you cut anything, fold the fabric so it's doubled over and place the edge of each pattern piece that says "place on fold" on the fold. (I'm guessing that's what has you confused.)

Each resulting piece of fabric should be twice the size of the pattern piece. See the third photo in step 3. Does that help? Let me know if you need any more help.
Ohhhhhh, I understand now. Aha thank you, Ive mad a bunch of costumes and forgot that Im suppose to cut on the fold, aha thank you
seamster (author)  agarcia333 years ago
No problem! Good luck on the rest of it.

If you post a photo when you're done, I might just have an extra 1-year pro membership floating around...