These are fantastic little appetizers to serve at a party or family get together or heck even for dinner What makes them soo great? I'm not going to lie, it's the Avacado Baja Sauce. Serve these to your guests and be prepared to be asked why these taste so great...

*Have left over shredded chicken & sauce or just don't like bell peppers? Make into taco's. Sauce will hold up without turning brown for 1 day in the fridge covered with plastic wrap

Step 1: Cooking the chicken

Everyone has their own way of preparing their chicken so I'm not going to go into too much detail on this step. Here's how I do mine for appetizers.

Step 1:
- Add a little water to the bottom of your pan, add chicken, cover and cook over low to medium heat till done & no pink remains

***Please make sure to always cook your meats all the way through. No one wants to send their guests or themselves to the hospital***

Step 2:

- Using 2 forks, shred the chicken
- Sprinkle taco seasoning over shredded chicken( how much will depend on your level of spicy)
- Mix seasoning into chicken using the forks
- Set chicken aside to move onto next step 
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Jack -you-Hack, Go AWAY!
lol i have those plates. great recipe btw =]
Aren't they awesome! I LOVE my Starburst Pattern ware <br>
Bloody awesome, and Evernoted... : )
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This sounds very yummy! I love those little sweet peppers. I can eat a whole bag in a few days. :D
Me too! They are fantastic for so many different dishes or just as a snack themselves

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