Stuffed Pizza on a Stick

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The Iowa State fair had over 40 dirrefent foods-on-a-stick, but no pizza!  I wanted a way to eat my pizza at the fair as conveniently as any of the other food available, now anyone can carry their pizza wherever they go!

I took an entire night and my extensive pizza baking knowledge and dedicated them to making this work.  The result was, undeniably, a pizza-on-a-stick!

The best part is that anyone can do it! It is much simpler than it sounds and you can have a lot of fun, so don't be afraid to give it a try.

If you have a good crust you like to use for pizza go ahead and skip to step 5.  I like the crust here because it is firm enough, after baking, to hold onto the stick and support the weight of the pizza.

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Step 1: Gathering the materials

Picture of Gathering the materials

Just as in any other recipe you want all the ingredients on hand before you start, here is what you will need:
-Counter space( i have very little counter space and it makes this process challenging)
-Two mixing bowls(one large and one small, or two large, well, it doesn't matter as long as one is large)
-1 cup. I used two, one for water and one for flour.
-1/4 cup
-1 teaspoon
-Whole wheat flour, just to make it healthier and taste great
-active, dry yeast
-honey, I used one with a honeycomb in it so it had some extra particulates
-warm water,warm to the touch, around 90 degrees if you want to measure it.
-Sauce of your choice
-cheese of your choice
-other toppings that you like
-I used tiny pepperonis for astetic purposes, mozarella and mild cheddar cheese and Chef Boyardee pizza sauce

Shany1204 years ago
Im really hungery now. I wonder if I can make some without my dad knowing...
Or I could ask my dad to make them... ;)
PLEASE let me know where and how you got those tiny ronis. :3
jonboi (author)  zombiehottie09004 years ago
I got them at Fareway. I am in Iowa where Fareways are common, I dont know
big of a chain they are, so hopefully there is one near you so you can make a well proportioned little pizza-on-a-stick.
You could jut hole punch a bunch of normal size pepperonis...
salomon19964 years ago
well, me and my sister made them today, but we made them without the sticks, and they were WOUNDERFUL!! :D thanks for the idea/instructions!
lydiad12134 years ago
they look good thank you!
lydiad12134 years ago
i live in iowa oskaloosa have you heard of it?
salomon19964 years ago
this is sooo cool! i like pizza ALOT! :D gona see if my mom can make them! :P i will probly end up doing must of it though :P
jonboi (author)  salomon19964 years ago
It tastes best when you do the work yourself. Tell me how it turns out, if you need any clarifications just let me know and I will help you the best I can.
thank you! me and my sister were going to make them tonight(mom made the dough) bought i started to not fell well, so we are going to make them next Friday, and i voted for you! :D
Houston6914 years ago
I voted for this.
jonboi (author)  Houston6914 years ago
And I appreciate it, thank you for the support.