Don't know what to do with the stuffed toy you were given at a conference? Fret no more, your synthetic pet can find a new home cleaning your whiteboard.

Step 1: Draw on Whiteboard.

This hopefully is an easy intuitive step, but beware it sometimes feels like real work.
genius !(Y)
Everyone wanted a close up on the dog's butt!
I love it! I have 26 small whiteboards for my students--they will get a kick out of erasing with stuffed animals they can get at the dollar store.
Would be Cooler if you cute it open on the seams at the feet and belly then inserted a bunch of magnets and stitch it back up. That way it could sit on the white board when you were not using it.
u work at target
No need to worry, if the plush was black instead of white. Use it enough and then throw it away. ...or set it on fire...
or take recycling one step further by washing it...just not with your whites
Wow. Real creative. You rubbed a stuffed animal's ass on a white board. I don't know if I could pull that off!
And what does one clean the mutz nutz with?
I am not sure it is right to look at a stuffed animal "that" way..
That is sooo wrong. I love it!
My new nickname for this guy is "Blue-Butt".
Laughing this hard at the office is a little unseemly.

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