Picture of Stupendous Man!
I've got a five-year-old son that loves Calvin and Hobbes and drags his homemade Stuffed Hobbes around everywhere.

For Halloween this year he wanted to be Stupendous Man, which is Calvin's superhero alter-ego in the strip.

I was excited about his choice this year because 1) it was awesome, and 2) it was super easy. The costume consists of the following:
  • Hobbes Doll - Optional. You can make one with the pattern I've included in my Hobbes Doll instructable linked above. 
  • Red shirt with black stripes
  • Black pants
  • Red Cape
  • Superhero cowl - Use my child-sized superhero cowl pattern. If you need a bigger one, follow my instructions in step 3 to make a cowl pattern for adults and especially fat-headed children.
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Step 1: Calvin's shirt and pants

Picture of Calvin's shirt and pants
Let's begin with the easiest parts of the costume.

I purchased a new red t-shirt for my son for about $3. Using a black permanent marker and a ruler I drew lines on the shirt every 2 inches on the front, back, and sleeves.

We had some black pants that he wore, although any dark-colored pants would have been fine.

Step 2: Superhero cape

Picture of Superhero cape
Capes are easy pieces of costumery to make, and the internet is full of how-to instructions for making them. This is how I made mine, which was pretty simple.

I started with a piece of red cloth, folded in half so the folded dimensions were 18" by 30".

Two tie pieces were made and sewn to the shoulder areas of the cape so it could be tied in place, matching the style of Calvin's cape in the strip.

See the photo notes for all of the dimensions and where to cut, hem, etc. 
moonaluna12223 months ago

This is possibly one of the best things in the world. The first thing I ever read on my own was Calvin and Hobbes. :D

seamster (author)  moonaluna12223 months ago

Thank you!

BuilderBro17 months ago


This is a cool idea. I wish I had thought to be this character when I was a kid. You have become my favorite writer on this site. Your instructable are so well written and inspiring.

zstarkovich9 months ago
Very cool
seamster (author)  zstarkovich9 months ago
springefactory10 months ago
I will make a captain america one!
blulu1 year ago
Hey, thanks for the tutorial. I wanted to do this exact mask but I didn't in a thousand years expect to stumble upon such a perfect and easy tutorial!
ilpug2 years ago
I'm 19 and totally want to do this costume!
obrown10002 years ago
I loved C&H
Ward_Nox2 years ago
As a costumer and a fan of C&H since the comic strip first started I have to say that this is SO FRACKIN EPIC!
epic, i am 12 and a fan of Calvin still. this would be awesome for my brother.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
So fantastic. I continue to be impressed with your pattern making skills - I love the little peaks you included. Every kid needs a cape, but one that's custom fit to your own head? Out of this world.
mgrunwel2 years ago
Very original and awesome. I love C&H, have every book.
milkywaybar2 years ago
Personally,I LOOOOOve the C&H comics, and this costume is awesome, despite me being 15. Awesome.
makendo2 years ago
Perfect! Great costume.
A downside to small boys loving C&H is that they become inspired to lock their mothers out of the house and spray them unexpectedly with the garden hose. At least we knew to equip any babysitters with cleats...
seamster (author)  makendo2 years ago
Not to mention jumping off the roof with a construction paper pterodactyl beak and wings made from a blanket!

I think we could make quite a list here...

Thanks for the compliment! My kid loved the costume, and that's a win to me.
Ninzerbean2 years ago
Brilliant in many ways.
r-philp2 years ago
This is 18 kinds of awesome!
And congratulations on properly educating your child with some of the finest literature available! Don't forget to encourage weird snowmen too! My son made some beauties last year.
seamster (author)  r-philp2 years ago
Thank you! Ah, the snowmen... classic Calvin and Hobbes!

As I've gotten older I've really enjoyed the philosophical commentary more and more, but the sight gags are so, so good. It's all excellent stuff. Thanks for the comment!