Stupid Invention Competition!


Introduction: Stupid Invention Competition!

Want to be part of the Stupid Invention Contest? It's easy!

Just create your own Stupid Invention and make a video of it before March 2nd.
Make the video a response to this one to be entered into the contest.
On March 2nd the best videos will be posted for the viewers to vote on.

The top voted Invention video wins!
You win a shoutout, a stupid inventions duck, or whatever you want (and I can agree to.. this is a low budget show after all!)

Any questions feel free to comment!
Be sure to tell your friends to subscribe!
Only subscribers can vote!


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    Here is some collection of Stupid Invention


     can we put it on a comment in instructables? instead of youtube?

    3 replies

    you can put it as a comment, but I think you still have to make it a video response on youtube, this way everyone can see all the entries in one place...when it comes time to vote, you know?


     ok thanks i just wanted to know because my friend wanted to enter but he didnt have a youtube account lol

    hmmm, well he can make an account or upload it on a friends account, no?

    i looked at it and accepted it! great idea! :)
    Cupholders are awesome!

    its loading right now you should be able to watch it in like 10 or 15 min.

    oh well it said that it was loading so i waiteed an have not checked it. i will figure it out.

    1 reply

    Awesome! Can't wait to see it!
    Be sure to make your video a youtube response to my video!

    i did the response on youtube!

    oh yeah, which Stupid Invention did you create?

    the portable cup holder. honestly i think its stupid which is good

    sounds like a fun invention, i havent received it yet as a video response though...