Introduction: Stupid Tape Measure Trick

Use this tape measure trick to impress your friends.  Hopefully they are easily impressed.


ToniRose (author)2013-02-20

Cute trick. Also, I love your cabinets. Did you build them yourself?

WorkshopAddict (author)ToniRose2013-02-20

Thanks toni. I made the cabinets last year.

liquidhandwash (author)2013-02-19

I stupidly tried it with a metric ruler, it didnt work;-0

luxstar (author)liquidhandwash2013-02-20


The ruler only works if you were born on leap year.

8 - )

lime3D (author)luxstar2013-02-20

It works just fine.

thematthatter (author)2013-02-19

my tape measure doesnt go past 2044! does that mean the world is going to end according to Stanley?

pfred2 (author)thematthatter2013-02-20

I don't think Stanley is a traditional Mayan name.

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