Turn Beer Bottles Into Furniture





Introduction: Turn Beer Bottles Into Furniture

If you enjoy using tables and drinking beer (not necessarily at the same time), this beer bottle table is going to rock your world. Not only does the final product look great, but if built right, will last years and can hold upwards of 200 pounds.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Materials needed:
Enough empty bottles of your preferred color to make your desired sized table (I used 27 greens)
Strong glue or epoxy (I used Amazing Goop because it was on hand)
Flat surface to make a nice level base upon (I also laid down a sheet of cardboard for glue drips)
Tabletop of some sort, be creative (I used an 18" diameter piece of wood...lame)

A sink with running water and a stopper
Christmas lights
A dog

Step 2: Decision Time/Build the Base

Now comes the time that you have to decide what you want your table to look like. Now would be an opportune time to rinse out and soak your bottles in the aforementioned sink to remove the labels if you so wish to go down that path. Keeping the labels on does look cool, but if you want to make your table light up (oh yes, more on this later), the labels can get in the way.

Start out by laying out the bottles designated for the base to how you would like them to be arranged in the end. Begin the construction by applying a generous amount of adhesive to one bottle and press it against a second bottle so that the bottoms are nice and flat. Continue assembling the base into whatever shape you desire, but keep in mind that after the first two bottles are together, you will have to continually check that your joints are where they should be. You don't want to finish a row of bottles to find that your straight line has become an 'S.' Allow the base ample time to dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Second Level

After the base has had time to dry, it's time to decide what you want the second level and up to look like if you already have not done so. The second level will be assembled just like the base, except once completed will rest upside down so the necks of the base interlock with those of the second level. Feel free to go with a different size or design for this level, but make sure that the result will fit into the base properly. Switching colors or brands of beer is also nifty.

Set your loose bottles into the base to find out if your concept will work before assembling. Once you have tested it, begin attaching the bottles to one another on your flat surface just like you did with the base. After this level is nice and dry, flip it upside down and place it into the base. No need to glue the two pieces together as it should be very stable and being able to take these heavy things apart makes them so much easier to move long distances.

At this point you could slap some sort of top on the second level and make a pretty sweet little stool, but we're here to make tables, so on to step four...

Step 4: More Levels and the Top

The third level is oriented the same way as the base, but because it does not interlock with a lower level, it will have to be glued to the tier below. Attaching the top will be necessary once your table has reached the proper height. If you ended with the bottle bottoms in the air you can apply some adhesive directly to them and set your top on. However, if the necks are in the air, you may want to put bottle caps back on them so you have more area to apply the glue.

When the top is applied tightly you have technically completed a sturdy yet not-quite-awesome-enough table. Let's check out step five for some more ideas.

Step 5: Add Some Style

This is where you get to go crazy. I tried adding X-mas lights to the bottles which looked decent, but left wires running everywhere. Another design by one of my friends left the middle of the top level open for a light to sit in. She filled the bottles with water and food coloring to make a neat multicolored lamp. When I saw babblin5's "Cool Cloud Lamp!" I got to thinking about putting the light in a low level and having it heat the upper bottles, lava-lamp style. I'm not sure if it would work, but it sounds interesting.

All in all the end product is up to you. I'd love to hear your ideas. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoyed my first instructable. Thanks for taking a look.



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    Im thinking of doing this but adding this https://www.instructables.com/id/Bottle-Cap-Table-with-Poured-Resin-Surface/

    1 reply

    i like your thinking. i was thinking the same thing haha. i think its a great idea

    great idea thinking of doing this with my own twist to it.Maybe adding light (christmas lights)on the inside of the bottles.. Have it for oustide patio decor maybe a few differnt colors on the differnt levels of bottles.

     Thanks for this instructable! Here's one I made out of some of my favorite beers. It makes a great night stand!

    2 replies

    I'm wanting to build a sauna from beer bottles, but I dont know how to put the bottles together. Would concrete work or some sort of glue. Can you give me some ideas. The table looks pretty strong, but would the glue be strong enough for a sauna?

    Use clear silicone (silicone 1) from a caulking gun tube. Its the (basically) same adhesive they use to make glass fish aquariums. Silicone sticks to glass VERY well!

    I'm guessing this could be done with cans also. Would make it stand out more, since glass bottles mostly are transparent.

    1 reply

    You would probably have to fill the cans with something other wise they would probably just crumble

    I have a question. I am going to do something like this for my brother-in-law for Christmas with all Bud brands of beer. I want to make it more of a 'pub' style table. How tall is the one you made with the 3 levels?

    Thanks and nice job!  :)   Elle

    Wow, great idea. Just watch out for earthquakes...

    Great Idea. This is my Homage to the best beer in America "Abita Strawberry Harvest"

    1 reply

    that looks great, how did you stick the glass table top down without showing glue?

     Collecting the bottles for a great project like this isn't a problem... just throw a party... but where do I find an engineer like yours ?

    I am not trying to be ugly or nothing...but...is that a condom wrapper on the ground next to the table ??? Kinda looks like one! Other than that this is a truly cool idea! Especially for your home bar room.

    2 replies

     methinks it to be a part of an amber bock label, especially since the beers in that picture are amber bock....and the "condom wrapper" says amber bock on it...

    OK, I see it now! Thank ye!

    This is cool. I was thinking about using beer/soda glass bottles, to make a lamp. I may get around to it. I may do this, when we move.