SturmGewehr 44 (MP43/MP44) Knex Assault Rifle V7





Introduction: SturmGewehr 44 (MP43/MP44) Knex Assault Rifle V7

Due to the amount of requests I got to post this gun, I have now made instructions to build it. My Newest Model! I hope you enjoy! I only changed the Back "Bridge" Leading to the stock and then end of the stock. Other than that, it's pretty much the same... Enjoy! (Semi Auto Variant Coming Soon)

Step 1: Trigger Guard and Fake Magazine!

Ok, for those who can't understand the pictures, I took the time to explain all of them!

Step 2: Stock/Butt/Whatever You Want to Call It, Just Build It.

This only takes 2 pictures for you to build? Sweet.

Step 3: Gunsights and End Barrel

Only need 1 picture for this! *Takes a Coffee Break*

Step 4: Handle!

Only 2 pics for this step. Keep up the good work.

Step 5: Important Parts.

Yup... Just build em. And save em for later.

Step 6: Barrel!

Barrel Time!!!

Step 7: Body (Changed Up)

I changed this step because a few people were having trouble with this.

Step 8: Connect It All Together!

This part is relatively easy.

Step 9: Add the Useless Switch and Rubber Bands!!!

Did you think you were done? Not yet!

Step 10: You Are Done!

Finally your done! What a waste of an hour making this instructional guide but at least I will be praised for it *Angelic Harmony*



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    shoots great! just made it yesterday and the range is great to

    does it shoot rubberbands or rods

    Rubber Bands, but I'm sure if you ask someone they could modify it to shoot Rods.

    Just noticed it tonight, I can almost guarantee you rated this a 0.5 Stars. I don't why there was a need to do that unless you felt it threatened your gun.

    -Makes massive rage comment on YOUR STG44 page that will likely get me banned-

    WHOA! I like logged in for the first time in like 6 months and it went from 3.7 to like 4.69! Thanks guys!

    Awesome chice to model, one of my favorite military guns, way better than the AK-47 5 stars!

    Can you make some of the pictures slightly lighter because I can not see the photos

    Sorry kid, I threw away all my knex cause I moved on :D