Picture of SturmGewehr 44 (MP43/MP44) Knex Assault Rifle V7
Due to the amount of requests I got to post this gun, I have now made instructions to build it. My Newest Model! I hope you enjoy! I only changed the Back "Bridge" Leading to the stock and then end of the stock. Other than that, it's pretty much the same... Enjoy! (Semi Auto Variant Coming Soon)

Step 1: Trigger Guard and Fake Magazine!

Picture of Trigger Guard and Fake Magazine!
Ok, for those who can't understand the pictures, I took the time to explain all of them!
jaberwaukee4 years ago
shoots great! just made it yesterday and the range is great to
rheath23 years ago
chato564 years ago
does it shoot rubberbands or rods
dynno97 (author)  chato564 years ago
Rubber Bands, but I'm sure if you ask someone they could modify it to shoot Rods.
dynno97 (author) 4 years ago
WHOA! I like logged in for the first time in like 6 months and it went from 3.7 to like 4.69! Thanks guys!
Awesome chice to model, one of my favorite military guns, way better than the AK-47 5 stars!
0546296 years ago
Can you make some of the pictures slightly lighter because I can not see the photos
dynno97 (author)  0546296 years ago
Sorry kid, I threw away all my knex cause I moved on :D
dude u shulda sold them on ebay
054629 dynno976 years ago
OK cheers
coolinator5 years ago
i like ur gun johny
dynno97 (author)  coolinator5 years ago
 so u finally got an account...
Sweet! Don't take this instruction down i might build.
dynno97 (author)  Millawi Legend5 years ago
I wonder if anyone has built this gun already...
dynno97 (author)  Millawi Legend6 years ago
This is the last Version in my STG44 Series. Except for the Semi Auto Variant Coming soon.
dynno97 (author) 6 years ago
You should compare my V1 to V7. Its really different
This one is rubbish, no offence:
dynno97 (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
I know its my V1 lol
is it just me or does that thing remind me of an AK-47
dynno97 (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
This is the grand-daddy of the AK-47
m456arcus6 years ago
I built an STG44 out of jig-sawed wood. With a soldier target to go with it! I shoot at it with a pellet gun.
Bwbt16 years ago
dynno97 (author)  Bwbt16 years ago
Stuck on what?
Bwbt1 dynno976 years ago
Wait i have managed to sort it out
smithinator6 years ago
thats is awesome..............i made one that ma friend sayed was amazing but i dont think my stock or quite as good as yours....basicly im saying that your gun is good lol
dynno97 (author)  smithinator6 years ago
no prob..........have you checked out my new knex m1 garand cos its pretty cool if ya ask me.......
DARKCOBRA6 years ago
full auto?
dynno97 (author)  DARKCOBRA6 years ago
Shotgun-like RBG, Techincally it is full auto, but more like a shotgun burst.
DJ Radio6 years ago
it looks almost like the real thing. 5*
dynno97 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Now thedunkis is trying to make one more realistic than mine just to prove that he can....
dynno97 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
dynno97 (author) 6 years ago
Note: Cancelling the Production of the Semi Auto STG44 due to certain circumstances... oh well who cares right? The gun is still awesome!
DrWeird1176 years ago
The best. Fave.
dynno97 (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
Lol thx. I'm Currently working on The MKB42 right now, and the semi auto variant of the STG44.
Ooh, semmy oddo!
dynno97 (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
I already published my Mkb42
I know.
dynno97 (author) 6 years ago
I can probably guess that most of you will have a problem with this step... Its hard to follow and my camera was low on batteries... So just tell me if your stuck