SturmGewehr 44 (MP43/MP44) Knex Assault Rifle V7

Due to the amount of requests I got to post this gun, I have now made instructions to build it. My Newest Model! I hope you enjoy! I only changed the Back "Bridge" Leading to the stock and then end of the stock. Other than that, it's pretty much the same... Enjoy! (Semi Auto Variant Coming Soon)
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Step 1: Trigger Guard and Fake Magazine!

Ok, for those who can't understand the pictures, I took the time to explain all of them!

Step 2: Stock/Butt/Whatever you want to call it, just build it.

This only takes 2 pictures for you to build? Sweet.

Step 6: Barrel!

Barrel Time!!!

Step 8: Connect it all together!

This part is relatively easy.

Step 9: Add the Useless switch and Rubber Bands!!!

Did you think you were done? Not yet!