Picture of Stylish Duct Tape Boot!
These are basics instructions on making your very own fashionable, completely wearable duct tape boots! Caution: not a five minute project.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need duct tape multiple colors looks good (I choose black and white), some scissors, and an old pair of shoes you don't mind ruining (I used high heels but flats can be used as well). A second hand store is a good place to look for cheap old shoes.

Step 2: Building shoe

Picture of Building shoe
Since this shoe has an open foot I covered it up to make it more boot like. This is done with two strips of duct tape laid on top of each other then placed over shoe. Remember you will have to take your foot in and out so don't make it too tight. 
Next, taking scissors, cut the inside tape created from the first strip crossing over the shoe. Then, tape back the cut ends. This step makes the boot easier to put on.

Step 3: Make skeleton of boot

Picture of Make skeleton of boot
In this step, the skeleton of the boot is made. This step decides the design of the boot. I made mine to open in the front but you can make it to open in the back or side. First make a couple long strips by folding some tape in half (make them longer then they should be just in case) then attach them to the shoe with more tape. On my boot, I have one strip criss-crossing over the top and two going straight up from the back. In general it is a good idea to have to in the back to make it easier to shape the boot to the size of your calf. 

Step 4: Adding design

Picture of Adding design
Here, I decided to make the inside of my boot open. I did this by folding multiple size strips of tape and attaching them to my skeleton. On your boot you can copy this design, create your own or even put it on the outside and make this closed. To do this, apply this step to the outside adding more skeleton strips where necessary and follow later instruction for the outside of the boot, on the inside.
savvychick2 years ago
This looks really cool but I am not allowed to convert my mom's high heels to awesomeness. :(
These are very awesome!
chakra4 years ago
good one!!
may be a little practice will give you flawless pair of boots!!
i liked the woven pattern on the side!
hey! why dont you try it out in leather? or denim?
frollard4 years ago
Great ible - just needs photoS of the whole completed boot...either stuffed to show the shape or actually worn - taken in bright light so your phone camera takes a sharper picture :) It's really hard to see with the limited light.

A better title/overall photo would darn near make this featurable. As it sits now, still a great project and wonderful writeup!
gummybearlove (author)  frollard4 years ago
Thanks, if I take a better picture will that show up on the contest entry?
Whatever pictures you put on your ible will be in there. If you change the title picture it should change on the listings too.