Picture of Stylish HDTV Antenna
I finally got sick of the cable company and ditched them after learning that I was going to have to pay even more money to see programming in HD.  I soon decided that over the air TV reception was for me.  After going to my local "shack" and looking at the price of antennas, I decided that I could make one for about $15 or less.

Step 1: Materials and tools

You will need:

Copper wire, I used 14 gauge home electrical wire, stripped of insulation
Enameled 22 gauge wire,  purchased from a pack of three types at Radio Shack
Picture frame or framing material
75 to 300 ohm matching transformer with spade clips on one end and female F connector on other
Drill and drill bits


I really like it, have this Indoor HDTV Antenna which works fine for me but it got broke so, and i want to make a new antenna from it's components can you tell me what are the other things do I required??

KevinM1 year ago
Will it make any difference using the enameled wire for the aerial instead of the 14 gauge house wire? I have spools of enameled wire, but the only other thing I have other than hookup wire is phone and ethernet cable.
dragosurf (author)  KevinM1 year ago
I don't think it will make any difference which material you use. Some rooftop antennas use aluminimum because of their light weight. I used the copper wire because it was what I had around the shop.