This year I decided to put an updated spin on a Santa suite for and annual Thanksmas Eve Party. This hoodie not only turned head and got compliments wherever I went but I must have been asked to make at least 15 for people other than myself, It was so simple I figured that I would just share the instructions and let people make themselves one.


Time: 30 minutes - 1 hour depending on sewing speed

Cost: Hoodie $10- 20 (Target / Marshalls)
Garland $ 3 (on second hoodie "fur" from Michael's $ 5)
Needle and Thread (you should have this but if you don't) $2

for a less permanent hold Safety Pins $2 a Box

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What You'll Need:

1 plain Red Hoodie ( any other color will do but seriously Santa and Hot Mrs. Clause
wear red, green if you want to be an elf )

Garland for the white accents (higher quality fur can be substituted but doesn't need to be)

Something to secure the Garland to the Hoodie ( Safety pins worked fine but for a more
permanent look you could sow)

What You'll Want:

This Template

Iron on letters (for personalization)

A winter warmer or eggnog

Christmas carols playing in the background

Anything else you need to get into the spirit
I love this! Can't wait to make one for this Christmas!
I made one of these, and my classmates all asked me &quot;<em>What</em> are you wearing?&quot; while the teachers all said &quot;That's awesome!&quot;&nbsp; I used a giant red hoodie and a white fleece blanket I got at Goodwill.&nbsp; The only extra step I had to do was singeing the edge of the fleece where it had been cut.&nbsp; The fleece around the hood and especially at the wrists also helps IMMENSELY in insulating the hoodie.<br />
&nbsp;That looks tight... Nice job. Glad your teachers have great style, &nbsp;maybe someday your classmates will catch up. The trim work looks nice too. Enjoy bein the talk of all your Christmas parties next year and stay warm.<br /> <br /> Peace<br />
This is an extremely cool project.<br /> <br /> I think I'll make one and add a white pompom to the &quot;point&quot;&nbsp;of the hood for that extra Santa Claus effect.
Do you know any other places that would carry the fur to sew on?<br />
&nbsp;it's strange how an updated spin is also a traditional spin.&nbsp;Santa&nbsp;Claus&nbsp;originally had a hood instead of a hat...
What a lovely idea! and one can find super-cheap hoodies at thrift stores, when the penny pinches. Nice models, especially that little hairy guy...
"Ho." HA! Great Idea for the hoodie... thanks for sharing!
Awesome! I am making this once I learn how to sew on the fur. The fur directions (bottom) were confusing.
ok so maybe this will help look at the attached images. start by laying the fur face down on your hoodie. place the bottom edge of the fur where you want the top edge of the trim to be. With the fur still face down, sew it in place. now fold the fur down, over itself so now it is face "furry-side" up and you should be able to see the top of the trim. excess trim should be hanging below the bottom of the hoodie. take the excess that is hanging below the hoodie and fold it up underneath, sandwiching the actual hoodie between the fur. Sew all the way around the bottom of the hoodie. its that simple
Ohhh. Ok now I get it. Thanks I'll post pics of mine when I'm done.
Nice work, you guys are ganstasssss!!!
Yup Yup...These hoodies are strictly for Supreme Clientele.
lol.. o...k

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