Step 3: Making the cuts: Female Version

Picture of Making the cuts: Female Version
Female Version: Repeat the process as in the Male version. Starting at the bottom of the shirt, make cuts going horizontally about 6 inches long, maybe half way or more up the shirt. I made my cuts about 1 1/2 inches away from each other. After you've cut these, re-cut them. From the bottom, cut straight up through all of the 1 inch wide pieces of cloth, changing them from one long piece to two short pieces on either side of the shirt. When you've done this, just tie them back together! You can tie them in a bow if long enough, or just knot them. It's that simple! Repeat for the other side and your done.

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Thank you for sharing your talents will be trying today. Will be back soon for more. Thanks again.
shauck4 years ago
this is pretty cool but i have seen it all before on the back of a shirt, the front and of course the side and i thought maybe next time (if there is a next time) you could do something different, ,aybe something not many people know of. By the way another website to look at for these kind of things is: www.Ohmystars.net just so you know.
ohmygooddd, this is amazing! makes huge shirts fit perfecttt :))
awesome, im glad i stumbled on this
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who makes this website anyway? puhshah! lol
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I must say, a black shirt makes this step (and others) hard to see