Picture of Stylish and dainty dressing table
Dressing table2.jpg
I promised my girlfriend that I will make one for her, so there was a sense of obligation in this one ;)

We were really unhappy with all the dressing tables which you can buy in stores - they totally miss the point of what a dressing table needs. First of all, a dressing table needs to accommodate lots and lots of really small things and just some large drawers won't do - I mean, try to find something in there! Secondly - things must be in some order, so again, drawers are hopeless. Thirdly - all this jewelry and perfume just look brilliant, so why hide them in drawers or boxes instead of displaying them? And finally - it must be comfortable to sit by, and in this case it means that you must be able to lean as close to the mirror hanging on the other side of the table as possible - which means that the tabletop just cannot be as wide as it is in most retail dressing tables. Bearing all that in mind and joining with my preference for stylish curves I came up with this lovely piece of furniture.

- a veneered 12mm chipboard or a wooden board (you'll need to paint it then)
- a couple rolls of veneer tape
- 5 screws
- 12 pegs
- about 30 small nice-looking hooks
- about 150cm of a nice-looking wire or chain

- jigsaw
- drill
- level
- iron
azarpisces6 years ago
Looks nice I'll definitly try it in near future