Stylish Case for Pens or Glasses From Cardboard and Ducttape.





Introduction: Stylish Case for Pens or Glasses From Cardboard and Ducttape.

I get the feeling I've seen this somewhere but can't figure out where.
Anyhow .. My sweetheart was going to school and needed a case for her glasses, I didn't have one so I made one. Turned out pretty good.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need :

1 piece of cardboard with stylish printing, I used a folder I got from some endorsement for a town.
1 pair of scissors (or is that two scissors?)
1 roll of duct-tape

Extras : a pair of glasses or the longest pen you're gonna put in.

Step 2: Measuring ..

Cut the cardboard to fit the glasses or something .. remember to roll the board rather than folding or creasing it.

Step 3: Sticky Stuff

Put the tape along one end and stick it to the other end to form a tube .. sortof.

Step 4: Seal One End

Seal one end with ducttape.
Cut off any excess tape.

Step 5: Folding

Bend one side of the opening inwards and make a round crease.
Do it on the other side of the open end as well.
This forms the lid.

Step 6: Alternative Design ..

For a box don't tape up the cylinder .. instead make the lid-creases on both ends and tape one of those up.
Also .. contrasting colours on the ducttape, cardboard and print are nice.
Simple looks very modern I think.

Courtesy of user Patrik who made a good suggestion :
To get a cleaner crease, you can try pre-creasing it using a cylinder of some sort. Something hard and thin-walled would probably work best - you can probably find a tin can (empty or full) of just the right size.

Put your cardstock upside down (or rather outside-down) on something with a little "give", like a stack of paper or a rubber mat. Mark on the cardstock where you want the creases, line up the can with the marks, and press down hard (or even tap with a hammer, if you think your cylinder can stand it). Experiment with different diameters to see what gives the best result (it's only cardstock after all...)



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    this forms the lid.

    This is called a pillowbox.

    They use a similar box apparently.

    McDonald's apple pies :)

    These type of boxes are also commonly used for cheap foam earplugs ("ear" brand). I've made quite a few boxes like this, eyeballing from a earplug box, as the dimensions and arc of the flaps is pretty forgiving. I agree with the precreasing or scoring for the flaps. Also, cutting the flaps in an arc allows the box to be folded perfectly flat when empty yet maintain its shape when closed.

    I think I got a necklace in a box this.

    No, I haven't posted one but I would be willing to help you refine this one after Nov. 3rd- I'm travelling until then and don't have access to my stuff. Let me know...

    You're welcome to add anything at all. I don't think I'll be revisiting this instructable.