DIY Ribbon Wrapped Beaded Bangles


Introduction: DIY Ribbon Wrapped Beaded Bangles

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It has become really difficult for me to 'do nothing'! As soon as I saw these old wooden bangles in my jewelry box (for who knows how long!) I had to rescue them. Wrapping them with some satin ribbons and adding some beads seemed perfect.

In this instructable I will show you how to turn old wooden bangles into a pretty one!

They're really easy to make and won't take much time.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these bangles you will need:

  1. Old wooden or plastic bangles,
  2. Satin ribbons - enough length to wrap the whole bangle,
  3. Thread and needle,
  4. Scissor,
  5. Craft glue,
  6. Seed bead.

Step 2: Wrapping the Ribbon

Take a 1 inch wide satin ribbon and apply a small amount of craft glue on it's edge.

Stick the glued part of the ribbon inside the bangle.

Start wrapping the satin ribbon around the bangle evenly.

When you'll reach the end trim extra ribbons and use glue to stick the end.

Step 3: Wrapping Another Layer of Ribbon

Take a different colored thin satin ribbon.

Similarly apply glue and wrap it around the bangle but this time keep a small gaps between each wrap.

After reaching the end trim extra ribbon and glue the end on the inside of the bangle.

Step 4: Adding the Beads

Prepare your needle and thread.

Draw the needle from the inside of the bangle and tie a knot with the ribbon.

Bring needle to the edge of the bangle. Insert seed beads into the thread through the needle. Once the beading reaches the size of the bangle's width stop beading.

Now draw the needle to the opposite edge of the bangle and draw it through the ribbon on the back side. Again bead similarly and continue to do the same until you reach the other end.

After reaching the end tie 2 knots at the back side of the bangle with the ribbon and cut off extra thread. Apply a drop of craft glue on the knot to make sure that it's secure.Done!

These bangles are easy and fun to design. Design your own bangle of different colors and patterns, I hope you like'em.




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    voted...muhaiminah u r v exitedabt eid vacations,,:),,u must share what jewlry u'l lhav on eid..

    2 replies

    Thanks! I'll let you know if I make some! :)

    Very Cute :). Must have been a great satisfaction after long boring days of studies ;-)

    4 replies

    Thanks! yap, had 2 days off and couldn't wait to make something. eagerly waiting for the 2 weeks Eid vacation! :)

    Studies, Fast must be difficult together with a strong urge for making crafts ;-)

    Pretty much! but it's even more difficult to stay away from crafting and sharing it here! :)

    aww same idea cms in my mind daily bt i dnt wear jewlry so i jst thnk n do nothing..i had such bangles n ask mom to decorate it bt i thnk m too lazy

    1 reply

    They're really easy to make, give it a try, it won't take much time. :)