This may look rubbish but believe me it's not

Step 1:

You will need:

1 peace of tinfoil you could use cellofane tissue or just something squashy.
2 strips of cello-tape.

Step 2:

Wrap the tinfoil around the crayon an fold over the edges

Step 3:

At the top and the bottom wrap cello tape, duck tape or masking tape to secure.

Step 4:

Use the flat side of the pen and you are done.a cheap way to do it
Homemade stylus with foil and ink pen just wrap foil around ink pen and, perfect. Better than the factory one I'd lost.
Hope u appreciate the shout out I gave u two in my nail art video
Thanks a bunch guys for the positive comments ill give u a shout out to u
This really works!
This is so cool I've need looking for a way to make a stylus!;)

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