Stylus/Pen & keyboard ultimate productivity combo (for Wacom users and analog writters) - Office Black Opps Surviving Tip

What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who climbed the learning curve of the Wacom tablet.

This is a great tool for people who know how to draw and their shortcuts, but also for the others (like myself) when come a rush of "clicks" and that you don't want your repetitive strain injury on one of your most useful finger.

The issue is that if you have both to type text and point/click a lot, then... what to do with the stylus/pen starts to be quite an issue:
1 - You can abandon it on the sensitive area but with the risk of activating something by mistake.  
2 - You can put it back in or on the provided holder, but it needs more accuracy than it looks like.
3 - You can keep it in the hand, but typing sentences start to be cumbersome/awkward. 
4 - Mostly... you just drop it on the table somewhere... if it doesn't roll away too far.

What is the mission?
- I want to not have to care anymore about the location of my pen/stylus and type text without feeling disabled.
- I want to look stupid at work.
- I want coworkers to think that in fact... that is no so stupid.
- I want to play game instead of writing a long instructable.

What do you need?
- 2 rubber bands

Total cost of the project:
- just steal the rubbers...
- 5mn of your life
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Step 1: Bandage your pen

Picture of Bandage your pen
2012-Jul-wacom- Jour_06-015.JPG
2012-Jul-wacom- Jour_06-016.JPG
2012-Jul-wacom- Jour_06-017.JPG
1 - Link the 2 rubbers together.
2 - Loop one of them around the last top quarter of the pen (you may need multiple loops).

Gluon du net (author) 1 year ago
Thanks, I like the idea of creating problems.
yoyology1 year ago
You know, this is brilliant. A solution to a problem I didn't even realize I had.