Step 3: Cut Supports

Line up three styrofoam balls in either ascending or descending order, totally your choice. Just lie them down and do a quick measure with a bamboo skewer. You want your support to extend a little beneath the snowman, but do not want it to protrude through the head, so a measure the same as the three balls is about right. Make a mark, cut the skewer. Do this for as many snowmen as you were thinking about making. We made six, in three different lengths.
That is so creative, I would never have thought to use buttons as a hat
Cute. great article.
<em>With a corn cop pipe and a button nose</em>, er... eyes :D<br> <br> Very cute. I LOVE snowmen. Yours are great.
Great looking snowmen!
Thanks so much. Cheers.
Very cute snowman family!
aw shucks.
Festive, fun and easy to do!
And here i was thinking....lol. are you trying to create a monster? Thank you mike. As always.Thank you much.

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