Home made mustache made from recycled styrofoam!! Funand easy accessory / lip jewery you can create for free in minutes..

Step 1: Things You Will Need to Create Your Awesome Stash..


~Pen or Mechanical pencil

~Exacto-knife or scissors


~Paint brush

~Fine grain sand paper

~Recycled styrofoam

Step 2: Forming Your Sweet Stash

~Draw the Stash of your dreams on paper (Make sure the stash is a decent size to fit your face and the nose "clamps" will fit snuggly inside of your nose)

~Cut out outline of stash

~Place stash outline on styrofoam and trace stash with pencil

~Use exacto-knife to cut out stash

~Sand paper excess pieces  very lightly off of styrofoam stash

~Paint Stash

Step 3: Rock That Stash!!

Now that you have an awesome Rockin' stash, slab on a tuxedo shirt & show off that fancy stash.. you'll have people rubbernecking and almost causing accidents over your luxurious (recycled) stash.. it's totally worth it. Enjoy!!  
If anyone makes anything with moustaches or nerd glasses,the tutorial gets a fav,and the maker gets a new follower.
Thank you. The styrofoam is actually from a turkey container that holds the meat.. good way to keep the kids busy while you're cookin' din-din 8)
wow wow wow!
Wowowowozers!! Thanks for the "wows"!!
haha, fantastic!
Thank you , Darling... 8)
Nice. I love the nasal attachment method. Don't sneeze.
Don't even breathe, don't even sneeze!! naaaaaaw, it's comfy.. i could sleep with it on 8) but that would be .. well.. kinda weird. Thank you, i am glad somebody notices the nasal fitting!!

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