Sub 250g FPV Quadcopter With Over 11 Minutes Flight Time





Introduction: Sub 250g FPV Quadcopter With Over 11 Minutes Flight Time

Ok, so hi guys and welcome back! My goal for the build which I want to show you today was to assemble the smallest and most lightweight quadcopter possible, which still supports 4” props and uses only off the shelf budget components. Additionally I wanted it to be able to carry my RunCam 2, in order to create beautiful full HD videos. This was quite a challenge, and today I want to show you the build and of course how it flies.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: Check Out the Detailed Build Photos!

Step 3: Visit My Website!

Visit my website for more information & a detailed parts list for this build:



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    This is very cool! It would be great to see the directions posted here as well as your site!

    Many many thanks for your comment. This was my first instructable and it's so cool that you like it!

    I realize not having the detailed instructions from my website here as well is a bit of a burden on the viewers here and that this is not optimal. The problem is that if I copy my instructions from my website here as well, Google would consider that as "duplicate content" and would downrate both my website and my instructable articles as a consequence. The only way to prevent this would be to rewrite all the steps from my website using other words specially for instructables, but I don't think this is sensible. I'll investigate further how I can improve this.

    Many thanks again for your comment!