Picture of Sub-Woofer Ottoman
Feel the ground rumble under your feet.

  I recently restored an antique rocking chair with the hopes of using it in my living room.  It was a greatly satisfying project that I am very happy with.  Soon after finishing the chair and testing it out, I decided that to really enjoy sitting in this chair I would need an ottoman.  Its just necessary, in my opinion, to have my feet up while I rock.  Hmmmm....   Rock....   The idea light went on in my head.
  As you might be aware of, if you've seen my last couple of instructables, I've been pulling things out of my basement to repair and restore them.  Having been in the basement so often recently, I remembered that I have this massive old sub-woofer down there from my years as a DJ, a 15" sub-woofer.  It occurred to me that I could kill two birds with one stone.  If I incorporate this woofer into my ottoman, I'd be getting rid of the cheap laminated box in my basement and upgrading my sound system for a better music and movie experience.
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Step 1: Tools And Supplies

Here's a list of things you will need if you decide to build one of these.


- table saw or circular saw
- jig saw
- drill and assorted bits
- tape measure
- T-square
- large clamps
- pencil
- compass
- hobby stapler and staples
- scissors
- oil brush
- rags
- hammer


- 7 feet of oak, 1"x8"
- 24"x48" pre-made pine plank (found at Home Depot)
- wood glue
- 1 1/2" wood screws
- stain color of your choice
- pre-made wooden couch feet, large dowel, or 2"x2"x48" deck railing support (just something to make feet for it)
- cloth 30"x30", what ever patern you like
- pillow stuffing
- 12" or 15" sub-woofer
- low pass crossover (Radio Shack)
- speaker wire connection plate (or whatever they're called)
- speaker wire
- finish nails
- color wood putty 
triumphman2 years ago
One little suggestion, you should put pads or such on those leg bottoms. I found out the hard way when s stool I made scratched up my nice hardwood floors.
Attmos (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Lol, your right! I found that out after a couple times kicking me feet up on it. Thanks.
aeszok2 years ago
This thing is absolutely awesome, but I have 2 questions. How on earth do you connect it to the T.V.? And did the amp come with the 'woofer?
Attmos (author)  aeszok2 years ago
Thank you. To answer your questions; I ran the speaker wire through a small hole in the corner of the floor, behind the TV. All of the wires that run to my TV come up from the basement. The wires were run along the floor joists underneath and then up on the opposite side of the room, just behind the chair. Then they run to the sub, under the chair. If it was a different house, I'd run them along the baseboards.
No, my amp is in the TV stand so it can also run the satellite speakers and connect to the TV, its actually a stereo receiver. The sub box does have a passive crossover in it, that splits the low frequencies from the high ones.
The reciever has just enough power to shake everything in the room, it;s cool.
Ha Ha, I was wondering if anyone would ask me that. Good questions.
aeszok Attmos2 years ago
That's really cool, I might do this to my existing Ottoman.
Attmos (author)  aeszok2 years ago
Hey I wanted to remind you to show me a couple of pictures of your ottoman when you finish, or let me know if you post it. I'm interested in seeing how you do. OK?
Aw, gutted you beat me to it :-)
I've just taken apart an Ikea bed so have all the wood to re-house my salvaged speakers. I'll post when I'd done, at least I have a bit of a guide now, good work Attmos
Attmos (author)  Nemesis2010772 years ago
Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Holy Cow! Does it act as a foot massager too?! Does it blast you out of the rocking chair? Thank you for such an excellent post.
Attmos (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Yeah, I tried it out last night, It's pretty cool. Makes movies really fun. Thank you, I'm glad you like it too.