Picture of SubZero 64 by Raizer04
So you have an n64? Want to trick out your N64 to make some LEDs pulse to the sound of the game....well...LETS BEGIN!

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Step 1: Obtaining your N64 + PulseVu 2x Chip

Picture of Obtaining your N64 + PulseVu 2x Chip
First we need to get an n64. If you have one already your good to go! If not, simply search for a cheap (working) used one on ebay and your good.

Same as the pulseVu chip....simply go on ebay and search for one and your on point.

The pulse vu 2x chips is what is being used in this tutorial.

Step 2: Take apart your N64

Picture of Take apart your N64
Now its time to take apart your N64:

Use a 4.5mm Gamebit Screwdriver (or look up the pen hack) and take off the the bottom screws.

Now that the inside is exposed, used a phillips screw driver and remove the many...lol....screws to expose the motherboard.

If you have any confusion: View the great step by step here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZjldRekpnM&feature=related

or also here: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repairing+Nintendo+64+Motherboard/1608/1
which pattern is your favorite?