Subaru Standing Lamp


Introduction: Subaru Standing Lamp

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5ft Standing lamp made entirely from Subaru car parts, the base is made from four pistons, con rods and the crankshaft, the stem is the exhaust midpipe and to finish it off the lampshade is the catalytic converter casing and heat sheild

more work here

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    As a Subie lover this is a sweet build! Nothing quite like a Subaru crankshaft.

    Awesome lamp! its the same idea as

    The base is cool. It looks like not much light gets past the heat shield, but I think as art it's pretty cool.

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    Funny you should mention that. ive just finished altering it lastnight, the bloke i sold the car to wrote it off recently so I robbed a foglight off it, I'll be updating the pics very soon, cheers

    must be heavy...but great upcycling job