Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Subaru WRX Tow Hook License Plate Mount

The Subaru WRX/WRX STi is a very well known performance car that is a top choice for enthusiasts in the car industry. Since the Subaru WRX/WRX STi is so well regarded, plenty of drivers like to modify their car with performance or aesthetic upgrades. A popular modification is a Subaru WRX tow hook license plate mount which relocates the bracket from the center of the front bumper to the side. This gives the Subaru WRX a very sporty look without any modification at all!

Step 1:

Open the front tow hook cover. You can use a pry tool to pop off the cover easier.

Step 2:

Take the tow bar and insert it into the tow hole location. Be sure that the stick is inserted perpendicular to the opening. Turn the tow bar clockwise until the threading latches on. Take a wrench to tighten the tow bar some more so that it's fully secured.

Step 3:

Now it's time to mount the license plate bracket. In this kit, you will receive a screw, two rubber washers, and two spring washers to help you mount the plate onto the tow bar.

You'll need to sandwich the bracket in between the screw and washers in order to prevent the plate from spinning. Make sure that the side of the bracket with the inward curves is on the outer side. Insert the screw and then a rubber washer and spring washer at your desired mounting location (you have 8 slots) and sandwich the plate with the remaining washers.

Take a screwdriver and start screwing the bracket into the tow bar. You can take this time to adjust the curvature and angle of the bracket.

Once you fix the angle of the bracket, you can tighten the screw to lock.

Step 4:

Mount your license plate on the tow hook bracket.

Step 5: