Introduction: Subs4Science 1- the Geek Group

This is a 1 of 3 part of a Subs4Science (which was a series originally started by Nurdrage)

During this video, Chris link's to JamesBurkeWeb's channel, which is a channel that just repost's a old TV series on connections between things that may not seem relevant to eachother.

This is the info on the video Chris posted:
Nurdrage started a Subs4Science series promoting Science videos on Youtube. He asked us to "pay it forward" so we're replying in kind. Here's our first of a series, and we ask you to pass it along and make your own Subs4Science video as well. :)

Want more? Am I too slow at reposting (Which I am at times). Visit their Youtube channel here. Would you like to join in the conversation, Visit the forums over at The Geek Group and become a member.

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