Suburban Organic Food Garden




Introduction: Suburban Organic Food Garden

We believe this is the first suburban community food garden in South Africa . The concept is that local residents can walk to a public space and enjoy fresh organic herbs and vegetables for a nominal fee.

It began earlier in 2011 with a large work party clearing the land. All weeds, especially grass, was cleared and then the sand area made level.

Design work on Google Sketchup 7 also included here...

Step 1: Building the Raised Beds

After clearing, we used pine wood to create a natural edging of the vegetable beds and the paths. 

The beds were then filled with an organic compost mix ready for planting.

Step 2: Planting the Beds

Each month we add more plants and more beds. 

Here are the latest pictures where we have now planted a lemon tree and extended two of the beds.

The final phase will include seating and composting for the residents.



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