Introduction: Subwoofer Foam Repair

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Step 1: Supplies

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Scissors, wax paper, and some kind of silicone glue (shoe goo works great also)

Step 2: Paper

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Cut wax paper to appropriate size for damage

Step 3: Silicone

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Apply light amount of silicone to both sides of tear in the foam, and lay the wax paper over it.

Step 4: Dry

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Let silicone dry for 12 to 24 hours

Step 5:

Remove wax paper. If too little silicone was used and foam is still torn re do from step 1

Step 6: Testing

After drying go ahead and set your subwoofer back up to your stereo and play music with little bass and low sound too monitor your sub. Slowly raise the volume until you feel it is safe. If tear opens again, try again with more silicone. Whatever you do, don't continue playing with the tear as this will make the damage worse and possibly un repairable


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