Step 2: Bring in the Junk

Next I used whatever junk I could find to act as additional raised planters, fencing, shade providers and critter deterrents. The number one critter I need to deter are my dogs but they keep most everything else away from my garden. The junk depicted in this image is more than enough to keep my dogs at bay.
Did you use the "CUTWORM" collars this year?
Yes, I tried them this year and they worked like a charm. Thanks again for the tip. Of course as is always the case with gardening, I have new problems to deal with this year ;)
Have you ever tried "collars"? just a circle of cardboard...make a strip of card board long enough to circle the stem of your plant about 3/4" away from the stem all the way around staple it together and bury the bottom 1/2" in the soil make the whole collar about 3" tall....I save paper towel tubes and cut em up, this will keep those $%^#@ cutworms from destroying your plants, I used to have cutworms cuttin my tomatos but with collars no problem anymore, and the price is "RIGHT" 
Thanks for the tip.&nbsp; I'll be sure to try them around my corn plants this year.<br />
As a contest entry you should rotate the images that need to be displayed as "portrait" L

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