Succulent Planter From 1 - 1x4





Introduction: Succulent Planter From 1 - 1x4

I built this succulent plantar from 1 - 1/4 & about 24 screws. You can really use any dimensions you want, but I gave mine below for reference. Cheers!

Step 1: Getting Supplies


  • 1 - 1x4 - get good wood here. I got cheap wood before and it would split every time.
  • Cactus soil
  • Couple of Cacti and or succulents
  • 24 - 1 in screws - any screws will do just fine
  • Plastic sheet

Step 2: Making the Cuts

  • 4 - 3'1/2''in
  • Cut another 3'1/2'' in fours - I did two in my case. I had two tiny succelents.
  • 2 - 11'1/2''in -
  • 2 - 7'1/2in - for the bottom - I had to adjust mine a bit, it might better to make it a little bit longer and sand it down as you fit it in.
  • 2 - 7'in on the side

Step 3: Drill & Screw Them Into Boxes

Step 4: Put Down a Plastic Sheet & Fill in Your Succulent Plantar

Make sure to put in a plastic sheet and start planting

Suggestions? Improvements?

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    Thanks for the support! This is my first instructable, so any tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Love the idea! You have such colorful succulents!