Suckit Vacuumattachment for Drilling





Introduction: Suckit Vacuumattachment for Drilling

A 3D printed slip-on to put on your shopvac. It sucks itself to the wall so your hands are free to drill or do other things.

Step 1: Print the 3D Object or Make Your Own

Above (or below) are the sketchup file and an stl file for direct printing.

If you print, make sure you use strong settings, since vacuum is strong and can deform stuff under pressure.

Once you printed, you still have to cut off all helpbeams.

Step 2: Add a Rubberish Thing

There's a gap on the underside of the body. It's made to put some kind of rubber or other soft material in. This way it can suck itself easier to the wall since the rubber will fill any small cavities or irregularities.

Step 3: Add Plexi If It Doesn't Suck Enough for Your Needs.

I've add this restpiece plexiglass with some loctite. there is a 12cm hole in there(that's just a number, any hole will do, as long as you make sure you don't take a hole smaller than your drilling need).

The plexi makes it easier to spot the place you need to drill and also makes the hole where the air escapes out of smaller. Wich makes the suction of the complete chassis to the wall stronger.

well there is not much to say. have question? post them on my youtube video, and there's a big chance i can aswer ;-).

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Cool idea, I've just printed it. Forgot to add support and the printer made a mess but still managed to print a working piece! Thank you.

haha, i got a cheap PP3DP UP mini printer and it seems it thinks for itself if it comes to supports and quality. It's my first 3D printer ever. happy to know it works for you :-) did you use the stl file?

Yes, used the STL. I have a printrbot simple 1405.