Using the instructions on the MAKE blog (04/2008) I made this portable fume extractor for soldering. Works great at close proximity (2 inches). Note: I didn't screw down the voltage regulator, just stuffed it in the side. (There's a better quality video on Vimeo, but for some reason, instructables wouldn't accept it.)
would a paper towel work as a filter?<br>
no not at all <br>
oh, is it dangerous?
It might be I am not so sure but you don't need a filter I found that it is sometimes worse to use one <br>so don't put in a filter <br>
I used one 9v battery instead of 2 because the fan will run a little bit slower and that worked realy well
why not stick with 18v? www.afrotechmods.com showed you can up the voltage with no problem at all
would the size of the fan determine how many inches away its going to suck in?
Made it, works like a charm :D thanks for the scheme :)
you Marc are so smart and great with this little project. Let me ask you something - what is the point of that voltage item? Why do you need to reduce the voltage from 18 to 12? Why not make batteries with 12 voltage? :) Just wondering as I'm not really familiar with all these electronics, and yeah - I'm really curious to start doing something. Thanks for the video. Marius.
there are 12v batteries out there on ebay for &pound;1 each and they are about the size of a aa battery and they consist of button cell batteries.<br />
Haha I have GOT to get some of those "I AM NOT A BOMB" stickers!!! and great job but I would have put the switch on the side so I don't have to worry about accidentally shorting its leads
lol :) "I am not a bomb" very nice.. i would think though that if it gets knocked around to much the switch or the fan might get bypassed if two wire touch...
You made my day, thanks! (marc)

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