Picture of SudoKube - Rubik's Sudoku Cube
If you feel like your brain needs some exercise...

If you're looking for a smart challenge...

If you have an hour to build something cool...

i give you....

The SudoKube!!

A 3X3 Rubik's Cube, with Sudoku on each side.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
here's a list of what you need:

1. Rubik's Cube (can be old, or cheap, or just one you can ruin without regrets)
2. Stickers that you can write on

Step 2: Strip the Cube

Picture of Strip the Cube
Second step is to clean the cube. Meaning:

Peel the color-stickers off
Clean excess glue and sticker-traces that's left (with solvent or detergent - just don't use a lot)

You'll end up with a bare cube, black plastic only.

(if you love your cube - solve it for the last time before you undress it..)

Step 3: Make Sudoku Stickers

Picture of Make Sudoku Stickers
1. Measure the size of one corner cube (mine was 2.1 cm X 2.1 cm)

2. Prepare 54 square Stickers (3X3X6=54)
maybe you can find ready stickers
I had to cut mine out from larger stickers

3. Make 6 sets of stickers with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 on them (Sudoku is 1-9.. right?)
Don't forget to underline 6 and 9 to distinguish between them!

Step 4: Stick 'em Up!!

Picture of Stick 'em Up!!
Last thing you need to do is:

Stick a set of sudoku numbers stickers on each side of the stripped Rubik's Cube

(Make sure you stick them well - solving the SudoKube can become pretty violent!

And there you have it!! a home-made SudoKube!!

now...... just solve it!!!
good luck.....


(does anybody want to make an instructable on solving it?.... heh)
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freemanoid5 years ago
The thing is, there's no logical way to solve it, because there is no way to differentiate between the numbers that go with each 5 on each side; so it would take an extreme amount of luck, or an extreme amount of time.
....wouldn't that be the idea?
....wouldn't that be the idea?
budsiskos7 years ago
awesome idea but that would be nearly impossible to solve
its not true sudoko. 123 456 789 Like that
THOSE THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO SOLVE None of my friends that can solve rubics cubes (even the 5x5x5 ones) could solve it
PKM guyfrom7up7 years ago
Curses, I wrote a nice long comment explaining why this doesn't work and the network went down so it didn't post. Long story short- you can't solve this like a "true" sudoku because... well, consider the 5 in your last step. It would have to be in, say, the top row on the left hand face, the bottom row on the right hand face and then there is no row available for it on the back face. The only way you can solve this is to ignore the opposite face (which is a bit of a cheat, opposite faces could then be identical and it becomes a lot easier to solve) or using a 4x4x4 cube which has enough rows and columns per face to avoid being overcontrained as this one is. I don't know whether the 4x4x4 case is possible, though, but I don't see any obvious reason why it shouldn't be.
AzraelUK PKM6 years ago
It could be solved by simply assigning colours to the each set of 1-9 and then solved in exactly the same way as a normal cube.
Meaning you would end up with a same colour face for each of them? Or still a mix of colours but assigned 1-9?
red-king PKM5 years ago
 or you could leave one side blank.

ehem... My sister and I and several friends can solve the 3 by 3, and my sister can solve the 4 by 4. I also know pi.
Oh right, all of it?!?!
how much of Pi? also what is you favuratw kind of Pie?
100 digits, and I like... hmmm... Idk what kind of-- PUMPKIN! PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!
i would eat that pi any day!
I would eat your mom's pie any day!

anyway, I am more partial to pecan or coconut cream pie, myself!
Iridium7 Kaiven6 years ago
how did you memorize so much?
hah you know whats funny?
iridium is my name on this email account (i'm incrediblycondensedblackmatter@hotmail) or maybe its irituim..... anyway, interesting coincidence.
Kaiven Iridium76 years ago
First, get rid of your life.
Iridium7 Kaiven6 years ago
I did that a long time ago.
 so did i. i didn't use it anyway. =P
LOL you guys are so random XD it's hilarious haha
i do not believe you XP its an easy claim to make on the internet, as nobody can see you typing it. you could copy/paste it from anywhere. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 duhr
Well then mister Poopface, It seems I will need to make a video and post it won't I? :D (No offense :P)
Still the possibility of reading off a sheet out of pan (The camera cant see)
Or I can duct tape my eyes... I mean dang, can you read 100 digits of pi that you don't know in 13 seconds? Because that is the fastest I have recited it.

I believed you from the start of this comment chain. Just stating a possibility here. No wories. :P

I know 20 digits. Which is nothing compared to yours.


Haha... and now I know 200 ^.^
hey if you guys are gonna rant about this get each other's emails cuz im sick of seeing the responses in my email. i dont care if you know pi. its not very useful. its just your insecurity because you need to feel better than someone. it doesnt make you smart.
You know what?
You are incredibly condensed black matter.

Why do you care if we talk about how we memorized pi to a certain degree?
A: thank you, i KNOW im incredibly condensed black matter. that was the point of the name.
B: i dont really care if you talk about memorizing pi, im just letting you know you sound like asses for trying to make people feel bad for NOT memorizing pi, even if that wasnt your intent, its what you are doing.

C: again, i dont really care about you talking about it, as long as the argument doesnt fill my inbox.

Methinks that was YOUR fault for responding to the thread. You have noone to blame but yourself!
awesome for you guys!i wish i could that is some great skills there pal!!
Nothing is impossible, therefore the state of being impossible is impossible.
but, if the state of being impossible is impossible, the "nothing is impossible" clause has been proven FALSE! thus, the state of being impossible may not be impossible, so it may be true that nothing is impossible afterall!

lol, conumdrum paradox!
Whoever makes up these little sayings really needs to think them over before using them.
Yeah like irregardless. its already regardless you're just making it regardful(?) again
I know, right? It just makes me want to question all of existence and reality!

*existensial quandry*
Yes. I suppose that's why people believe in religions...(no offense to anyone) but it makes life easier.
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