Picture of Sugar Glass
Sugar glass is, at its most basic, a molded lollipop. It is candy which has been molded to look like glass. It has been used in films, and theater for a very long time (in other words, I don't know exactly, but it's been a while). It is hard candy, but to get the right physical properties requires a little chemistry.

These days, fake break-away glass is now typically made from a clear resin, but for low-budget or home fun, you can make your own with just a few simple things.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
- 1 C Water
- 1.75 C Sugar
- .5 C Corn Syrup - the clearer the better
- .25 t Cream of Tartar

- Sauce Pot
- Spoon or spatula (I recommend high temp silicone)
- Stove
- Candy or Deep Fry thermometer (needs to go up to 300 degrees accurately)
- Corn Starch

Step 2: Sugar

Picture of Sugar
Common table sugar is also called sucrose. It is a disaccharide (two sugars) of glucose and fructose, with the molecular formula C12H22O11.

The glucose and fructose are connected by a single oxygen atom. By applying heat and an acid (cream of tartar), you can break the bond between the saccharides. More on that later.

Sugar is hygroscopic which means that it really likes water. If you've ever left hard candy out in the open on a humid day, you've probably returned to a sticky mess later. Therefore, any sugar glass that you make, you need to use quickly.

In theory, you can make sugar glass with just sugar, water and heat, but it will be very unstable as you make it, and very likely to burn or flash crystalize.

See the following links on Sucrose for more information:
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ANTQNUT5 years ago
uhh what do you do if you just want to make a flat lolly pop? and do you think if yo added food coloring to the mix that it would still work, but change the color??? this is a really cool instructable!!
pjneese ANTQNUT1 month ago

For anyone wondering. Yes, you can add food coloring to create different candy glass colors. This is how candy canes are made red, although they are pulled to give a different sheen. the liquid drops work okay. However, there are gel food coloring supplies that are much more concentrated you can use as well.

I made it, works great will hopefully do a video on it soon... Will link to this page seeing as I used your recipe... Thanks!!

Am done :D (

TrollFaceTheMan made it!1 year ago

I can confirm that dyeing the glass does work fine, just make sure that it is cooled first to be safe... I added mine at 200F...

TrollFaceTheMan made it!1 year ago

I used the Sugar Glass to make an Edible Nest for some Chocolate Eggs XD

From a first timers view... It is pretty tasking...

Fantastic! Most excellent etc etc!! Your Instructable is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
ritchie563 years ago
is it possiblt to vacuum out the air bubbles prior to pouring into the mold to get more realistic looking glass?
Very cool project. Thanks for sharing.
Biggsy4 years ago
Do you reckon that abit of green food colouring would make it look like a real glass bottle?
hrrrrrm time to experiment!
Turnip1235 years ago
Sugar? This is what I get when I instructable search for hard crack??!! BLAST!
Why don't you search for it on instead? :P
 HA HA dangly parts.
LOL , wheres the baby grand

nice instructable.

 Do you think this diamond ice mold would work?
hedgiehog6 years ago
sweeet, how well does it smash?
ERNesbitt (author)  hedgiehog6 years ago
Quite well, I'm going to see if I can post a video of the bottle being broken (possibly over my head).
Sweeet. I want to see the 'spun sugar' as well, do you do that too? Surely you're a master confectioner!
can  someone make a cast foe me? plzzz
I personally can't do it, but I know the technique. You veery veery slowly poor the confectionary napalm (when it's still hot) and as it falls, you catch it from about 30 cm below where it's being poured, and by then it's generally hard. And then as it falls you use what you already have, and keep catching it into the desired shape. This is Extremely hard, but it's delicious!
spinnin sugar.jpgspun sugar.jpg
PKM Kryptonite6 years ago
The way I saw it done, you dribble some out of a spoon to get a thin strand, and twirl the strand around a knife iron or a greased wooden spoon handle as it falls. It's essentially hand-spun candy floss. That was some master chef, though, I get the idea it's a difficult trick :)
Kryptonite PKM6 years ago
That's pretty much it essentially, there are different ways people do it. But yes, it is a difficult trick! Not my pics up there anyways, but I thought I'd post a pic. I wonder if ERNesbitt posts it in the 'able? *wink wink, nudge nudge*
ERNesbitt (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
Can you give me an attribution from the image. It should probably be public domain. I don't like to use images that aren't mine, or public domain without the proper link-back to the source.
attribution?!? Do you meen the html link? Just search google images or something because I can't remember where I got them, *sad face.* It'd be pretty cool to see them in the instructable, for every one.
BTW I voted for this with the contest, it's really good! And could you leave a html for the video of it being broken over your head? Or could you get it posted? It'd be pretty sweet!
ERNesbitt (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
The video is in the last step. I'll see what I can find in the public domain that I can post here picture-wise for the spun sugar.
*smash* that was pretty cool when it got broken over your head! I was sort of waiting for you to fall over unconcious though. lolz, nice.
ERNesbitt (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
Thank you for the vote!
Couldn't you also just make a cotton candy machine with a bigger hole?
ERNesbitt (author)  tchiseen6 years ago
Actually, I'm just a computer geek who likes to cook.
w00t! me too!
haha that would be cool!
sweeet, literally
SallyForth5 years ago
For the curious, here's another kind of a bottle mold:

It's by Jacques Torres.
will the gelatin whitstand the heat of the liquid sugar?
ERNesbitt (author)  Clayton H.5 years ago
No, gelatin melts at a relatively low temperature, but higher than the melting point of chocolate.  The molten sugar is around 300 degrees F.
guy905 years ago
How strong is the sugar glass? I've been thinking of loading my future bottle with a red liquid- for a gore bottle smashing effect!- just hope its strong enough to hold fluids
ERNesbitt (author)  guy905 years ago
It will hold a liquid, but you have to keep in mind that adding liquid just adds weight to the final smash. Depending on the size of the bottle, it weighs 8 oz. already. Adding half a cup of water brings it up to a full pound. The heavier it is, the more it hurts.
guy90 ERNesbitt5 years ago
ok, thank you
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