Step 7: Other Applications

Picture of Other Applications
Spun sugar - When you get really good at it, you can drop the sugar into a work area and "catch" the threads as the mixture falls. This can be a very delicate and interesting garnish for desserts. I have seen chocolate bird eggs in a spun sugar nest as party favors.

Breaking stuff without the mess - I let my wife break a sugar glass bottle over my head. It was very theraputic for her.

ANTQNUT6 years ago
uhh what do you do if you just want to make a flat lolly pop? and do you think if yo added food coloring to the mix that it would still work, but change the color??? this is a really cool instructable!!
pjneese ANTQNUT6 months ago

For anyone wondering. Yes, you can add food coloring to create different candy glass colors. This is how candy canes are made red, although they are pulled to give a different sheen. the liquid drops work okay. However, there are gel food coloring supplies that are much more concentrated you can use as well.

ritchie564 years ago
is it possiblt to vacuum out the air bubbles prior to pouring into the mold to get more realistic looking glass?
 Do you think this diamond ice mold would work?