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Introduction: Sugar Skull Beaded Brick Stitch Pendant ¦ the Corner of Craft

These little guys are so cute! They're not actually too difficult to make, they're just HUGE so they can be quite time consuming... This was a two hour long video before I started editing it! Craziness...

Anyway! This is the first brick stitch pattern that I made all by myself. I thought it only fitting to finally share this with you (it was originally uploaded before Halloween, but I fail at updating Instructables...)

Step 1: Brick Stitch Basics

In order to learn how to make these little guys, you will need to learn how to do brick stitch. It is a style of beadweaving in which the beads are sewn together to look like a brick wall!

To make this pendant, you are going to need to be familiar with how to start, finish, increase and decrease with brick stitch.

Step 2: The Tutorial Itself

Grab the popcorn and get yourself comfortable. This is going to be a long tutorial!

You are going to need:

Several colours of size 11 Miyuki Delica Beads

Size 10 beading needle

Nymo beading thread

4mm SP jump rings

Step 3: The Pattern

Here is the pattern for the pendant. Don't just use the colours that I have used. Go wild with your own colour combinations!!



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    That is very cute and looks so relaxing to do :)