Picture of Sugar Skull Make-up
Hi all....

Here is a quick example of how to make your face up with a Sugar Skull style design.

It takes around an hour to do after some practice and once you have built your confidence a little.

Hope it helps and enjoy !
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Step 1: Basic Preperation

Picture of Basic Preperation
First things first...

Check you don't have any allergies to any of the products and take care not to get any makeup in your eyes.

Then make sure you thoroughly clean your face to remove any dry skin or grease.

Then apply a healthy amount of moisturiser and let it soak in.

Draw on the basic outline of the eyes and where the jaw line is with a black eyeliner pencil.

Shade in the eyes with your chosen colour then block in the white. I used Ben Nye clown white which lasts for ages and goes on really well.

Step 2: Add some more detail.

Picture of Add some more detail.
Set the white makeup with setting powder or talc then add some more detail.

Here I have used grease paint as it goes onto the white well. A Krylon clown wheel. The black on the nose is regular eye shadow, but be carefull as the powder can cross contaminate the existing white.

Step 3: More detail and colour

Picture of More detail and colour
Keep building the design. It is best to have a pre-existing idea on paper to copy.

The cheek blending is done using a normal acrylic brush then smoothed with a finger.

Step 4: The finished result

Picture of The finished result
When happy you can fix the make up with hairspray from a distance but be carefull not to get it in your eyes.

Step 5: Clean up

Picture of Clean up
The make up comes off really easy as you can see in approx 10 minutes.

Cleans , tone. moisturise and you are back to normal.

Have some fun experimenting...

Enjoy !

I like it half and half the best!

The Animator (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Me too..this is my first attempt at purely make up with no prosthetic and of course a sugar skull :)

The Animator (author) 1 year ago

Hi all,

Hope you have enjoyed the instructables so far and thank you to all the lovely people who are following me ....

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Steven Harris FX (The Animator)



nesav1321 year ago
I like this, and will try it!
The Animator (author)  nesav1321 year ago

Nice one let me know how you get on nesav132