Picture of Sugar Skull Makeup
I absolutely love sugar skulls and this year for halloween I decided to make my face into one. Easy tutorial on how to make sugar skull makeup!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
*Black liquid and pencil eyeliner
*Eyeshadow brush/blush brush
*Black and white eyeshadow
*White halloween makeup or white shimmer powder
*Mascara (black or brown)
*Bright eyeshadow (any color will do, I used gold and teal)
*Large stand mirror

Step 2: Face Prep

Picture of Face Prep
Once your face is completely cleared of makeup, take a sponge or makeup brush and lightly cover your entire face with the white face paint or shimmer powder. Make sure your entire face is completely white (including eyelids and lips), this will give you a good skull effect. If you'd like, you can also cover your neck with the paint, it's up to you. I just did my face. Now, with a small blush brush and black eyeshadow, brush the upper portion of each side of your cheekbones (as if you are putting on regular blush). You now have a starting base to work with!

Step 3: Eye Shadow

Picture of Eye Shadow
1. With the gold eyeshadow, take your eyeshadow brush and beginning from the inner corner gently brush in the inner crease and lower portion of your eye. 
2. The goal is to create a contrasting effect with the teal color, so just a little on top and bottom is fine. 
3. Repeat with other eye.
4. With the teal eyeshadow, brush upper lid and lower portion of the eye in a circular fashion, going about 2 inches of the way down. You can stop about 1/4 inch away from where your eyebrow starts. 
5. Repeat with other eye.
6. With the white eyeshadow, make a 1/2 inch ring around the teal eyeshadow. Blend together a little with your brush.
7. Repeat other eye.

NOTE: Doing my own makeup, I used MAC brand because they have brilliant colors and it stays on for a long time. I also put the eyeshadow on quite heavy to show the dramatic look of the sugar skull. 
Used this tutorial for reference when doing makeup for el día de los muertos. Thanks for the help!
Vicki-dubb1 year ago
Great job!!! Love sugar skulls.
Laynie (author)  Vicki-dubb1 year ago
Thank you!
Laynie (author)  Vicki-dubb1 year ago
thank you !
sokiboi781 year ago
Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? out card boards and tape lol Vote if you like ;-)
Laynie (author)  sokiboi781 year ago
Thanks, i'll check it out :)
Awesome! My daughter will love this.
Laynie (author)  BigPapaPedro1 year ago
thank you !
Very, very cool!
Laynie (author)  grangerknives1 year ago
thank you
Mr.Sanchez1 year ago
Thanks for share. Feliz Día de los muertos.!!
Laynie (author)  Mr.Sanchez1 year ago
Thank you
786Ayesha1 year ago
Very nice ..Voted
Laynie (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago
Thank you :)
EmcySquare1 year ago
Laynie (author)  EmcySquare1 year ago
Scruffy771 year ago
biriful makeup job
Laynie (author)  Scruffy771 year ago
Thank you! :)
im goin to try this out on my kids
samalert1 year ago
That's so FREAKING awesome ! Cheers to close up detail shots.
Laynie (author)  samalert1 year ago
Thank you!!
kyluddy1 year ago
Laynie (author)  kyluddy1 year ago
That looks great! I've always wanted to do this. :D
Laynie (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thank you, it's fun!
lolz18881 year ago
How do you make your cheeks look deeper ?
Laynie (author)  lolz18881 year ago
Basically, using your makeup brush and black eyeshadow, focus on brushing in a upward motion on the top area of your cheek bones. My cheekbones are very pronounced so that may be why it is noticeable.