I absolutely love sugar skulls and this year for halloween I decided to make my face into one. Easy tutorial on how to make sugar skull makeup!

Step 1: Supplies

*Black liquid and pencil eyeliner
*Eyeshadow brush/blush brush
*Black and white eyeshadow
*White halloween makeup or white shimmer powder
*Mascara (black or brown)
*Bright eyeshadow (any color will do, I used gold and teal)
*Large stand mirror

<p>Does anybody know what is the best color to wear on Halloween if you don't have a costume??</p>
<p>thank you so much i wanted to be sugar skull for Halloween but do u know any day of the dead costumes? please answer me as soon as you see my comment please????</p>
Used this tutorial for reference when doing makeup for el d&iacute;a de los muertos. Thanks for the help!
Great job!!! Love sugar skulls.
Thank you!
thank you !
Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? out card boards and tape lol Vote if you like ;-)
Thanks, i'll check it out :)
Awesome! My daughter will love this.
thank you !
Very, very cool!
thank you
Thanks for share. Feliz D&iacute;a de los muertos.!!
Thank you
Very nice ..Voted
Thank you :)
biriful makeup job
Thank you! :)
im goin to try this out on my kids
That's so FREAKING awesome ! Cheers to close up detail shots.
Thank you!!
That looks great! I've always wanted to do this. :D
Thank you, it's fun!
How do you make your cheeks look deeper ?
Basically, using your makeup brush and black eyeshadow, focus on brushing in a upward motion on the top area of your cheek bones. My cheekbones are very pronounced so that may be why it is noticeable.

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