Sugar Skull String Lights





Introduction: Sugar Skull String Lights

This is a fun and easy project. It can be used for halloween or year round.

Step 1: Materials

Skull shaped candy bowls - Target dollar section and also at Dollar tree

String Lights - Ball shape preferred, but can be done with regular string lights.

Permanent markers in as many colors as you have!

Step 2: Drawing on the Skulls.

Start by Googleing sugar skulls. This will give you many designs to use as inspiration. Above there is a screen capture of some of the results.

Using a dark color marker to fill the eyes, nose and mouth of the skull. Then start your designs on the skull going from lighter to darker colors. Use a black marker to outline your designs. You can make all the skulls in the design and do variations on the colors. I chose to do six different styles.

Step 3: Stringing the Skulls.

Place bulb into top of skull and secure the band over the wire. If you are using traditional string lights, use tape to secure the bulb in the skull.and taple to the band. Then hang and enjoy!



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Had a really hard time finding these candy bowls. Anyone else have any luck?

Dollar section at Target. They still have, I saw some yesterday. Also, dollar tree has a similar one.

Way cool. I think led's would be best, not so much heat produced. Did you notice, did they get hot and melt at all? I suppose the plastic globes on your lights helped keep the heat centered and away from the plastic.

Looks great. Would be cool around the doorway for Halloween.

The lights or skulls were never hot to the touch. I had them on a few hours, enjoying the lights. You can also use the skulls as votives with LED tea lights. I'm most likely going to make more of them to decorate for Halloween. =)

Great idea. Very simple, but it looks so cool!