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Introduction: Sugar Spoon of Death

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This is a fairly quick and easy project to do (also very inexpensive). Yes, it makes the spoon less functional as a scooping utensil. But the trade-off is worth it to add a little dark detail to your Halloween party (or just every day, if you're me).

You may want to start with a soup spoon, that way it will hold at least a teaspoon's worth of sugar once the surface area has been reduced.

Step 1: Select Your Sacrifice!

When choosing a spoon it is important to pick one that is solid stainless steel. My girlfriend asked if I could use a cheap silver spoon (from an antique store bin of unmatched silver) -- no. Silver flatware is not solid silver (it would be worth a pretty penny if so), but rather brass or nickel with a silver coating. Some spoons are solid sterling silver. That would work, but it would be a shame to cut into it. I had this spoon that I was going to throw out anyways because one of the edges got nicked by the garbage disposal. I decided to give it a second life instead.

Next, draw your template on the back. The back is easier to draw on and more skull shaped, also it will be less cumbersome to cut.

Step 2: Gather Your Implements of Destruction.

I used a jeweler's saw for this. The blades are very fine, allowing you to get very precise cuts. Also it makes short work of thin metal. If you want to go this route, you'll probably have to order one online. They can be had from ebay for about $10 to $20. Make sure you get plenty of blades as they will break frequently. I think I went through 4 blades just cutting this spoon -- I could have been gentler and perhaps not broken any. Of course, you could probably use a dremel or some other method to cut the pattern out, but a jeweler's saw works wonderfully.

Step 3: Start Hacking.

Start sawing away at your skull. Clamp it firmly into a vice for ease (use wood blocks to cushion the spoon against the crushing force of the jaws). You'll have to drill some holes to get into the eyes and nose.

Step 4: Finish Him.

You can flip it over at any time to preview the finished product. As you can see, my cuts were less than symmetrical. I did a little filing on the eye sockets to even them up. I was more careful with the nose since it would be harder to fix mistakes there.

Step 5: File, Sand, Polish -- Done!

I smoothed over all the edges with a file then gave it an overall rub down with fine grit sandpaper. I thought about polishing it with a buffing wheel, but it looked good enough to me for now. It would look very nice and shiny after polishing.

It takes a few extra scoops, but it works just fine! The grin I get whenever I use it is worth the extra effort. This is a medium size spoon so it probably scoops the same amount as a sugar spoon would anyways.



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    my short story on how this project sent me to the ER.
    A few years back I had a bad day at work a lot of rude customers, my house has a OLD furnace = not bad hot water, and I have some medical problems that are painful with have to take a cold shower. I need to blow off some steam and do a small project and I saw a picture of a spoon cut up and shaped in to a skull sometime ago and decided that's from wanted to do. at the time i had a small corner in the basement as a workshop using a card table and some lights that I got from my job that were part of a advertisement for the Spider-man 2 movie (Tobey Maguire one). As I was using my drill for the eyes one of the lights fell and broke pulling down the other 2 with me saying "crap...screw it" and I continued all the sudden my drill grabbed the spoon just right as I hand one hand on the drill the other on the spoon handle it spined around and cut open my left index finger first joint had to get 4 stitches. I'm not a fan of needles but the looks I got from the nurses and doctors when they ask "how did you cut yourself?" and me telling them it was with a spoon was almost worth it.
    just a reminder wear gloves and do ALL projects in well light rooms..

    Very cool. You did a great job on the scoop and the tutorial. Thank you.

    Very beautiful! Will be a nice gift for my mother in law who has diabetes, but has no control on her sugar intake!

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    Yes! Plus she'll have to work a little harder to get all the sugar she wants, so she might not use as much.

    Thanks! I'm glad the text is appreciated. :)

    oh yeah thats lit af

    Oh, this is good! I love it!

    Its sweet :)

    Haha! This is great. Nice one!

    Uoou, genial. You should register and sale this

    Nice ! Very inspiring

    who cares about functionality this is cool