Sugar for Hair Removal!!





Introduction: Sugar for Hair Removal!!

It is summer, time to get into you short skirts, bikinis and halter tops.

Sugargel Epilation is a method of hair removal using absolutely non toxic,kitchen available ingredient- sugar! Moreover it removes the hair right from the roots leaving the skin smooth. The regrowth takes a long time around 3weeks or more.

So it is a perfect solution while planning a holiday.

Before I begin the tutorial a word of CAUTION:!!!!!! the Sugargel is very hot, fresh after cooking so please handle it cautiously with cooking gloves and since we are going to uproot the hair it will be stinging as when you would pluck hair.!!!!!

Simple ingredients:


lemon juice

some water

a clean glass jar with a lid.

Step 1:

Fill the jar maximum unto the 3/4th mark with sugar.

Add to this 1tsp of lemon juice. I think the lemon acts as a preservative...but I think it just makes it!

Microwave this jar at a low heat for around 4 mins. ( 400w for min)

Step 2: Microwave

The sugar crystals begin to melt.

After 4 minutes, remove the jar add a tsp of water. Give it a good stir.

Put it back in the microwave and repeat the process this time for a shorter time, maybe 3 minutes.

Step 3:

The sugar beins turning brownish.

Repeat the process adding a tsp of water and stirring , till all the crystals have melted to a caramel consistency.

Step 4:

The final product should have a beautiful honey golden like look.

As long as the gel is hot is will be of a runny consistency but on cooling down it becomes thicker and thicker to a gel consistency..


place a drop on your thumb stick it with your index finger and pull apart. If done well you will feel a resistance, strong resistance.-

CONGRATULATIONS your sugar gel is ready.........


It just needs to be slightly warmed up to get it back to use.

Step 5: Tips:

In case there is no resistance felt: your gel has too much water in it. Correct it by adding 2 tsp of sugar and further microwaving it BUT WITHOUT ADDITION OF WATER. Continue the process till the newly added crystals have dissolved.

In case: the gel has thickened to a very hard mass,so much that you cannot dip your spatula in it, then the water is too little.

warm it at a very low heat for a minute, this will liquify it.

Add 2tsp of water when still warm and give it a thorough stir.

Step 6: Using the Gel for Hair Removal.




Strips cotton cloth(used clothes are excellent for this) around 2"X6"

a sponge dipped in cold water to clean up after the epilation

A HAIRY BODY Part to be eplilated


clean the body part to be epilated, with warm water and dry it completely. Dab it with baby power which will remove the last traces of moisture from the skin.

With a spatula or a blunt knife apply a thin layer of the gel to the Hairy part IN THE DIRECTION of hair growth.

eg for the Lower leg apply the Gel from knees towards the feet.

Stick onto this layer the cloth strip,slightly stretched without creasing it, leaving the lower end about 1cm free.

Press the cloth firmly on the skins as to make sure it has complete contact with the skin all around.

Holding the free end(foot end), in this case briskly pull off the cloth strip from the skin.

As the paper comes off it will uproot all the hair. Maybe some hair escape if not applied properly. Redo

Repeat the process over the entire area to leave a smooth hairless skin.

With a wet sponge clean off any remaining Gel.

VOILA!!!! There you go all ready for the summer!


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    Can I use powder sugar instead of solid sugar and make without oven ???

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    Hmmmm... powdered sugar no problem but without a microwave....then you need a heat source alternative.

    This gives me an idea for a hack to remove other stubborn things. This recipe has many other uses. There is a better way to organize hacks than the existing.

    I have used sugar hair removal before and they are effective. I can't wait to try this! Thank you for this instructable. It really isn't that painful...

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    I would love to have guts of steel to try this. Someday maybe. . . Thanks for sharing and do have a great week~


    Great recipe, frugal too when you consider sugaring products cost $15 and more... for sugar! A note, the cloth strips are sold in packs at beauty supply stores.

    ouch! Looks painful! May be a better alternative to regular waxing and plucking. Nice job

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    Hehe... You need to have gutts of steel. Jokes apart it is not that painful when done swiftly... Morever the warmth makes it gentler for the hair to be pulled out

    Awesome! I was looking for a microwave recipe for this!! You got my vote! Thanks!