Suggestions for achieving a failing grade on the "DIY on the Internet" assignment

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instructions for assignment: Create a DIY project for the web. Use images and text (instructions) to guide someone in making or doing a project of your design. The project can be an object (useful or not), an activity, or something you believe is worth sharing with the Internet community. If you documented your Reverse Engineering project, you may choose to use this to submit to a DIY web site. You will be graded on clarity and innovation.

This instructable will serve as a set of instructions, featuring images and text, that demonstrates a plethora of ways in which a failing grade on this assignment may be obtained. Further suggestions will be considered for inclusion within this set of instructions.

Step 1: 1: Misplace

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In order to obtain a failing grade for this assignment, misplace the assignment guidelines, complete with examples, and delete the electronic mail message that contains an attachment to it, thereby not being aware of what the assignment entails.
Neat! Are you using instructables as a teaching tool for a class?
albertoramon (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
sort of; the assignment required using instructables, or similar website, to instruct internet users on how to make or do something
nruegs6 years ago
This reminds me of an assignment in highschool where I had to write a series of poems, and I made the subject of the poems my hatred of poems and the writing thereof. Also, the pictures are hilarious.
albertoramon (author)  nruegs6 years ago
thank you! i'm glad you enjoy the humor :)
PKM6 years ago
"Point of impact" "Cast iron saucepan" :D
albertoramon (author)  PKM6 years ago
hahaha, gnarly
Why? It's like how to cat. It's just a joke...
Featured and flagged, huh? Not a combination I thought I'd see.
albertoramon (author)  hcold6 years ago
me either!!! i feel privileged
by who, you?
maddog10_206 years ago
Did you fail?
albertoramon (author)  maddog10_206 years ago
i'm not sure, yet...grades haven't been given out
caitlinsdad6 years ago
You need to collaborate with those making instructables on how to stay home sick from school. I do see the irony in your FAIL. Nice un-instructable.